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I see our children no longer suffering the deprivations wrought by war and armed conflict. I see peace establishing itself in this continent.
Ultimately, I see a new breed of young men and women taking over public leadership and implementing laws and policies based on equity, transparency and liberty. I see them shunning the divisions of the past and working together to promote the welfare of every African regardless of race, ethnicity or creed.

I see a blossoming of democracy and good government; such that we shall no longer take lessons from the rest of the world but the world shall receive her better lessons from Africa. I see a day when Africa will be looked to for advances in the arts and sciences, as well as in politics and economics.”


“Why can’t we pool our resources together to fund research for better treatment and prevention measures? We should no longer rely on the outside world to fund efforts to eradicate our major medical problem. This problem is not theirs. It is ours which means it is not only a medical problem, it is a test of our political will and love for the poor and weak among us. If we wait for others to solve it, we will be waiting for the longest time.” 


Kwame Nkrumah pioneered the way when times were more unjust than these. He devoted his entire being to Mama Africa. He was an excellent son. We follow him.Sekou Toure refused to be anyone’s servant. Patrice Lumumba gave his life as did Samora Machel. Obafemi Awolowo of Nigeria gave his wisdom. Nelson Mandela has given his years. They were and are excellent sons.”“If these sons of Africa can make such sacrifices, we must make our own. We must build a strong edifice based on the foundation which they made out of their bravery, hope and love for the people, and of the land.”


If every leader in Africa would think this way and give hope to its populace, this would go a long way in chaging Mama Africa…. Its now or never

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