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What Others are Saying about the PCDN Network (Add your Own Comments)

The Peace and Collaborative Development Network is an open source for networking, resources, and exploring the fields of peacebuilding, conflict resolution, development, human rights, and more. We are constantly developing the site and also seeking feedback on how the site may have impacted you. Below please find feedback from some members. To see additional feedback and make your own comments, visit the feedback discussion. FEEDBACK ON THE NETWORK ___________________________________________

APSIA brings together the leading graduate schools around the world, which specialize in multidisciplinary, professional international affairs education. Being a part of PCDN helps us to share information on our in-person and virtual recruitment events. It also provides access to information about jobs, internships, and other opportunities for us, which we can share with students at our member and affiliate schools.  Carmen Iezzi MEZZERA Executive Director, Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs


Dr. Victoria Fontan, Associate Professor, Head, Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, University for Peace

What I like the most about this network is its diversity. Not one person, institution, or epistemology, ranks above others due to geography. PCDN has kept me informed, allowed me to voice some opinions, and most importantly, has allowed me to carry out two successful job searches in the past two years. The quality and diversity of candidates that applied to work in my department has just been outstanding. Before posting my job advertisement to PCDN, I had a handful of serious applications. PCDN increased the application numbers by more than 400%. The diversity of the candidates allowed me to interview qualified candidates from all over the world, hence reflecting in my department the diversity of our student population at UPEACE. I find PCDN to be an invaluable job search resource. 


Cameron Chisholm, President International Peace & Security Institute, DC PCDN is a crucial tool for any organization seeking to communicate and collaborate directly with the global peace community.  The impact that the International Peace & Security Institute (IPSI) achieved through our trainings and publications in the last year has been multiplied many times over by utilizing the incredible networking power of the PCDN.  No other new technology or social networking site even compares to the PCDN, and we, as the global peacebuilding community, are hugely indebted to the site founder for having the vision and passion to unite us under the PCDN banner.         ____________________________________________

Scott Beale, Founder & CEO, Atlas Corps

PCDN is vital to the work of Atlas Corps as we recruit professionals from around the world. It has also become a network builder as the majority of our Fellows use PCDN to forward their long-term professional goals. Since Atlas Corps started in 2006, PCDN has helped us reach more than 130 countries as we receive on average 500 to 1,000 applications a month. 


Jose Zalaquet, Head of the MOOC Chile Project. Lawyer, Universidad de Chile.

PCDN has been a tremendous resource in our recruiting for our online course on Human Rights Education. In fact PCDN was the third largest source of Traffic to our site after Amnesty International and the Chilean Museum of History. ____________________________________________

Libby & Len Traubman, Co-founders, Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue PCDN is our very best resource to discover partners for creating a world beyond war. It’s the world’s finest gathering place to find colleagues, tools, social science, human experience, learning opportunities, and employment on the road to creating together a global learning-community that works for all and excludes no one.


Meeghan Zahorsky, Associate Consultant, Vera Solutions – PCDN played a key role in our hiring process, allowing us to connect with and hire an excellent candidate. When it comes to peacebuilding and development, PCDN is the most comprehensive network and resource that we as practitioners have at our fingertips.


Emily A. Mallozzi, Membership & Operations Manager, Alliance for Peacebuilding The Peace and Collaborative Development Network (PCDN) is an essential tool for professional peacebuilders worldwide, and serves an important function for the peacebuilding and conflict resolution fields. As the institutional home for the peacebuilding community, the Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP)knows that many AfP members utilize PCDN as a source of information pertaining to current events, networking, jobs, new research, and more. As a valuable tool for individuals, PCDN complements AfP’s own work to advance the field of peacebuilding through innovative programming and policymaker education. PCDN’s value can be measured in the sheer volume of information that is generated throughout its network, and is a service we as peacebuilders should all be investing in.


Manmeet Mehta, Sr. Program Manager, Crowdsourcing Social Innovation & New Partnerships, GlobalGiving

GlobalGiving is thrilled with the launch of a Strategic Partnership with Peace and Collaborative Development Network. PCDN is an invaluable resource for civil society organizations seeking to network and stay informed on key opportunities in fundraising and capacity building.  Recently, this partnership has resulted in more than 74 entrepreneurial organizations to connect to potential opportunities for funding and expanding networks on the GlobalGiving platform. ______________________________________________

Dr. Jacob Bercovitch, Professor of International Relations,University of Canterbury, New Zealand Web sites on conflict, as indeed on any other aspect of human endeavor, have proliferated in the last few years. So much so, that at times one is left all too bewildered by the vast array of possible sources on what is new in the field of conflict. To my mind, one web site truly stands above all others, and that is the Peace and Development Network. This site offers the most comprehensive information on what is happening in the discipline, on new books, new sources of funding, and new fellowships. In fact it offers information on just about every aspect of conflict. It is also wonderfully interdisciplinary. It will appeal to the scholar, practitioner and students of psychology as well as those from history, political science and sociology. It is well organized, it has a great number of features that make it user friendly. It brings you into contact with like minded people in every part of the world. I have learned a lot from it, and I daresay so will others. It is a wonderful and comprehensive resource. I urge you to use it, and do so now __________________________________________ Tim Hicks, Director, Master’s degree program in Conflict and Dispute Resolution, University of Oregon The primary benefit to me has been as a source of information on a wide range of current activities, publications, initiatives, jobs, etc. related to the fields of peace and conflict resolution. In addition to helping me keep informed, some of the information is of direct use for our students. Secondarily, and equally as important, I think that the networking, linkages, and community-building that the network can foster is of great service. ____________________________________________ Professor Fred Dubee, Senior Advisor, UN Global Compact First a note of admiration and appreciation. It is impossible to estimate the importance and value of participating in the Peace and Collaborative Development Network. Personally I find the new research and new information the most valuable to my work as a student, explorer, researcher, writer and teacher. But even more important is the rich information, insights and opportunities I can share with others in the various networks that have accepted me as a participant. _____________________________________________ Fabian Schuttenberg, Academy for Conflict Transformation, Germany We are a training institution offering courses and trainings for civil peace service personnel. Located in Bonn, we are quite well known in Germany and some neighbouring countries. Being a member of the network helps us, to inform peace workers, scholars, and other interested people abroad about our institution and our offers who would usually be hard to reach for us. In that way, the network creates benefits not only for us but also for those interested in acquiring practical skills for conflict transformation. _____________________________________________ Dr. Carolyne Ashton, Senior Research Assoc., Inst. Learning Team Search for Common Ground, Washington, DC I have found the site very useful for keeping up with what is going on in the field. I especially appreciate that things come my way on this site that I would never have thought of looking into, e.g., manuals and some topics that are outside of my direct work area. As the editor of an internal newsletter for Search for Common Ground staff, I highlight, in the newsletter, the announcements that are particularly related to our work in media, youth, governance, etc. I do not have a way of tracking if anyone follows up on them, but staff often thank me for including a specific one of interest to them. I have also encouraged our staff around the world to join the site, and many have. _____________________________________________ John Aaron, CEO, CHALK4PEACE I run CHALK4PEACE, the global chalk art project for peace that takes place every fall. The Peace and Collaborative Development Network has time and time again provided much needed information, networks, available grants and contacts that have clearly assisted us in our efforts to reach out to the world about peace. Thanks to the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, we are rising rapidly as a significant program of global Peace through Art. This network, for anypeace minded person or organization, should be considered invaluable.

_______________________________________________ Cheryl Duckworth, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, NOVA Southeastern University The Peace and Collaborative Development Network is essential. It is the most multi-sector and international network I have yet come across. Being a member has enabled me to connect with resources, research and, most importantly, colleagues worldwide. It is applicable to any sector of peace building, from peace education to non-proliferation. I visit at least several times a week to find new discussions, publications and projects in the field. ________________________________________________ Maria Lucia Zapata, Balsillie Fellow, Ph.D. Candidate, Balsillie School of International Affairs Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada The Network is an important tool for any person -newcomer or professional- interested in peacebuilding, human rights and development. The network is constantly sending information about scholarships, reports, discussions, events, training and news around the globe. etc. It has allowed me to meet new colleagues in the field, and to access information (reports, videos) that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to find. I personally recommend this network to friends and colleagues, not only because it is a good network, but because it is trustworthy. _________________________________________________ Ping Ping Worakate, Project Coordinator, Peace Revolution, Thailand Like Peace Revolution, this network is a very significant platform where we meet like-minded peace activists from around the world. Knowing such key persons from different organizations helps in networking to a much wider and deeper level. Also, the immense source of information such as peace events, fellowships, grants, or updated news give us insightful perspective of what going-on in the world. This is truly an amazing hub of peace activists and educators who are prompt to react to the fast changing environment. __________________________________________________


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Wonderful website that I ever seen on Peace and more.. for sure ! 🙂

Profile Photo by Tabrani Yunis

I am as one of an NGO activists who comes from the developing country, Indonesia found that this website very useful and important. I learn a lot from it. I make more friends worldwide. I access more information every day. I am really proud to be involved in the forum where I can share. As an activist who work for empowering and strengthening women, girls and vulnerable children, I am benefited by this website. There are more friends from this site who help me with essays or article for my publication, POTRET magazine, a grassroots women magazine publishes monthly. There are various knowledge and peace issues I obtain. Therefore, I always try to invite more people to join in this website. Thank you Craig and all friends.

Greetings from Aceh, the conflict and tsunami affected area

Profile Photo by Ezenwa.E.C

Is an unrivalled links to varying programs leading towards academic and personal development of individuals


Peace and Development Network is a definite added value to my career growth in peace and conflict studies, development and allied matters, since I joined the network. Courtesy of the information provided by the network, I have attended two courses in 2009. It has continuously provided relevant career tips, skill training and enhancement hints and information on scholarships and job opportunities, that has kept me abreast of issues in my area of interest. It therefore comes highly recommended for any practitioner in the field of peace and conflict issues, development and allied matters. Long live PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT NETWORK !

Profile Photo by hoskere s suresh

Necessity is the mother of invention and of innovation too !

You have saved time and space ,of our’s and your’s

Dr h s suresh Bangalore. India.

Profile Photo by Abdulai Alhaji Sulley

What is even fascinating about the web site of Peace and Collaborative Development Network is the free flow of information, human development and training opportunities for all.

Profile Photo by PAN,Hung-Yu

indeed, it rocks!!

Profile Photo by Dr. kamal kumar saha

The Peace and Collaborative Development Network is essential. It is the most multi-sector and international network I have yet come across. Being a member has enabled me to connect with resources, research and, most importantly, colleagues worldwide. It is applicable to any sector of peace building, from peace education to non-proliferation. I visit at least several times a week to find new discussions, publications and projects in the field…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..for world peace.

Profile Photo by Solomon Inuwa

I cannot quantify the enormous benefits I have gained of my membership of the Peace and Collaborative Development Network. It has become a ready source of materials for my intellectual development in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies. I have also found several information about job opportunities in the field of peace building and other related activities. On the whole, the network has kept me informed of the latest developments and opportunities in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies, Peace Building Activities and International Security. I always recommend the network to like minded colleagues and friends on a daily basis.

Profile Photo by Isioma Kemakolam

If money were to give me up-to date informations/ assess to publications,current activities, initiatives, trainings, events and even materials for my intellectual and professional development related to the field of peace and conflict resolution i will never be able to buy them. In addition, if i were to travel round the world, perhaps it will take me a life time to make quality connections that I have made with people in the network.
What more can i say but thank you so very much Craig!


The Peace and Collaborative Development Network, has enriched my knowledge in the field of peace and conflicts resolution. Sure it is a Network with great opportunities taking you around the world.

Profile Photo by Marian Hassan

I am a member of one of the NGOs in Somalia that work for peacebuilding initiatives, in the department of the social reconciliation, I am really so pleased to be a member of the PCDN it really encouraged me to go through many things, gave me a lot of information, have made many friends, have learned many and many new things with in the network thanks alot Mr. Craig and the other friends who always post for us whether its an info or training or what so ever once again thanks all of you.

Profile Photo by ROSE NOO

going by the population and the the rate at which the net work is growing, you will agree with me that this is a pointer that peace is sought by many and it is everyones desire that it prevails. i work with young people in a local organization and honestly i have learnt a lot from the views in this net work.

Profile Photo by ROSE NOO

i wish every one a great year. lets invite many young people from Africa to join the network its part of the peace making process.

Profile Photo by Sofia Giranda

It’s amazing network to gain and share information related to the peace in the world topics . We have much friends around the world through this site

Profile Photo by Juliana Amal Obonyo

Juliana Amal Obonyo: MA. International Studies/Human Rights, University of Connecticut, USA.

Because of the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, I don’t have to worry about where I can look up any information about peace and conflict, career and other related resources. It is the best online network I have subscribed to since I started involvement with online forums. I cannot thank Dr. Craig Zelizer enough, he is doing an excellent job. Through this network, I have learnt to establish my stamina on peace and conflict issues from varied perspectives, this, I find so rewarding to my career. The resources are detailed and meant to cater for people that are heading to the same destination using different routes. I visit this site everyday, and I always looking forward to reading from Dr. Zelizer.
Long live PCDN!


I have just joined this network and am enjoying the site and all and i can know anything about peace, conflict and hey those University posts are great. Am searching for a University to do my PHD and ope i find it on this site, ha ha

Thank you the site is Amazing

Profile Photo by Suvendu Chatterjee

Peace and Collaborative Development Network ( PCDN ) makes networking work.PCDN at its best a dynamic, creative process that is so efficient that everything to me appears effortless. The hard work , careful planning and management has created PCDN a well run network.To me it is a great resource of information transmission and many a times it helped me to communicate with others for social change.Knowledge alone does not change but sharing the knowledge through building up the networking could be a key factor for change.
I represent the organization Drik India which is the overseas branch of award winning media agency and social entrepreneur based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our motif is’ Images for Change’ and we create images, develop information and communicate with the world. PCDN is an addendum to our network. I always await PCDN’s posting which many a times act as a food for thought.
I wish its emergence at all levels at rapid speed.

Profile Photo by Engy

Peace and Collaborative Development network is an amazing network that any one interested in peace work and/or studyu can benefit of a great deal. It provides a great deal of useful information and resources. I was able to learn about tdifferent aspects of the field through reading many blogs and articles contributed by members and it gave me a large amount of knowledge. Through the network, i was also able to learn about different periodicals, magazines and reports about peace and conflict resolution in different parts of the world. For me, the network is the single best resource to get up-to-date information on peace-related issues.
I only suggest – if it is possible- to create a section on the network where up-to-date books and book reviews on the field are added.

Profile Photo by Raja Ikram

Peace and Collaborative Development network is an amazing network that any one interested in peace work and/or study can benefit of a great deal. It provides a great deal of useful information and resources.

Profile Photo by Mugisho Ndabuli Theophile

This Peace and Collaborative Development Network is wonderful because it makes people of the whole world meet, share and discuss various issues releted to peace and development. This truly helps the people here to get a lot of insight and lots of experience from others. People here have become like a big family in which communication is respected. This is like a dais from which everyone hears the most recent updates in science, about peace and development. The activists of peace and development provide us with positive deeds and discoveries on this site. This network is a real place where we are meeting to learn and to inform. Long live to this net!!!!

Profile Photo by Boniface O. Mouti

It has been such a wonderful site. Very informative and current on issues. I am proud to be associated with this unique and fantastic site.

Profile Photo by Francis Dominofrank Suleiman

I am a new member of the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, I find it very interesting, withing the last two weeks my knowlegede of activities within the world of humanitarian assistance has appreciated alot. Where ever Craig Zelizer got the idea of this network from is word applauding, This is a great thing for us us who endanger our lives in serving the disadvantaged of the world, it is indded a great consolation, and I feel honored to be a memeber of this group and special thanks to Gail Erwin who introduced me to it.

Profile Photo by Linda-elvira Kaneza

The network simply brings u the active part of the world in ur email box!! so great.

Profile Photo by Peter Chol Alim

Peter Chol Alim, student of conflict resolution and peace building-Kampala International University,

since i joined this site, it has been a wonderful resource centre for research and new global information hence calls for a need to invite our new users to make use of such a vital site.

Profile Photo by sanjeevmehta

in my mind the network inspire every education department to create new plans for study and wel fare of student…every service department can learn how the development change can made..i can lot of learn from this site update myself and also my state`s is god for development and info provide by this network the god is….

Profile Photo by sanjeevmehta

one more thing salute to mr craig and there team for such a fentastik roll in change of this world…
sanjeev mehta
gandhinagar,gujarat state

Profile Photo by Dennis Gbambor James

Dennis Gbambor James, Kandahar Area Coordinator – Tearfund Afghanistan Programme
As I am thinking of pursuing a research degree in the near future looking at the effects of conflict on rural livelihoods, this network has being very much useful… have provided and still continue to provide relevant information about scholarships and vibrant institutions for career development. I will continue to be a member

Profile Photo by Sizwe Vilakazi

Human development is very fundamental in achieving lasting peace within ourselves extending to the environment. The network provides lots of opportunities for individual development educationally or simple exposure. For South Africans, getting exposed to the outside world is still a big challenge. Xenophobic attacks which come up from time to time are a result of years isolation and lack of understanding that South Africa is part of Global World whether Third world town in Latin America or First World City in Europe. so there is an need to behave accordingly.
The Network allows development by continuously presenting opportunities for discussions, studying or vising and working in another country

Profile Photo by Sokfa Francis John

I have found this network most encouraging and motivating in my aspiration and desire to become a peacebuilder. The kind of information and people I find here keeps me going. This is the site for anyone who truly wants our world to be more habitable.

Profile Photo by M.E.C.C

This website is very helpful, not only to students like me but to all those people who are interested to join conference, competition and for those who are looking for opportunities which is related to their field of works. I am very thankful to this website, because I will be able to attend women deliver conference this june 2010 in washington d.c. This is so, I was searching for conference to attend to in this webpage, and it so happened that women deliver offer scholarship for those students who wants attend the said conference. Upon reading the said post in the conference forum,I immediately apply for the scholarship. Just this monday, I received confirmation from women deliver that I was choosen to attend the conference.

Thank you. without this website, i wouldnt be able to attend the conference. Thank you Mr. Zelizr for posting informations about different opportunities

Profile Photo by ASM BELAL

Thanks to Craig Zelizer for this wonderful endeavor.What he is doing is more than he should.We have also responsibility to promote this website on the premise and belief that the greatness of humanity lies in seeking common human benefit in line with individual benefit.


The network is just great! I am impressed by the level of activity and the many “offers” that turn up on a daily basis. I notice there is much more related to academia than practioners and field work so if I would wish somthing it would be a better balance in terms of content. For the Life & Peace Institute working with participatory action research and conflict transformation in Great Lakes and teh Horn of Africa, this is an excellent site. Thanks to all of you who contribute!

Profile Photo by ASM BELAL

I have learned a truth since the day I have been following PCDN that, in seeking path for my own I show others the path they are seeking.Craig Zelizer is certainly clearly ahead of all good endeavours in this regard.

Profile Photo by Chris Kwaja

Indeed, we owe much to Craig Zelizer for the wonderful and superb opportunity he provided us through the Peace and Collaborative Research Network. I have made new friends, got to know institutions around the world, as well as sharpen and deepen my research skills through this network. We all have a responsibility to also contribute in our own small ways towards making this world a better and secured place for humanity by bridging research and policy.

Profile Photo by Jane Frances Mufua

The network is just wonderful and thanks to Craig Zelizer for this wonderful work. It is a wonderful tool for all of us who would want to promote peace and development in the world. It is everything in one. And as others have said we would be doing great justice to Craig and to ourselves by promoting this site. Thank you Craig for providing such a forum

Profile Photo by Mokosso Divine Keming

The Peace and Collaborative Development Network brings wisdom to its members. The vision of the site founder, Pr. Craig Zelizer cannot be overemphasized as we all strive to make the world better place .

Profile Photo by Matimura Masango

This network is a great idea. It raises people’s hopes when they feel like the world is closing in on them. It gives hope in the areas of employment, further education, as well as other educational information. Recently I liked the great resources you sent us especially concerning the book on non profit careers. Keep the good job up. I am constantly sharing information about this network with my associates who promise to become members.

Profile Photo by ImamAbubakar AbdulRasheed

Peace and Collaborative Network have really help a lot of individual working with local and international organization,it’s very informative,resourceful and effective on human development.i appreciate been a member of this great network!Thank’s Graig 4d wonderful job you’re doing.



Profile Photo by M. Arif Barlas

I really appreciate the network for addressing the core issye of todays world in an effective & comprehensive manner. Follow ups & quick responses add its beauty. It is undoutedly a platform for positive thinking people who wish to see this world an ideal place to live in. Our all energies & strengths must be dedicated to this network.
M.Arif Barlas Group Executive Editor News Gush & Daily Sung-e-Meel Pakistan. Chairman WAKE UP society .

Profile Photo by Radha Paudel

I really impressed with this network because I do not only informed about the updates on progress, studies, jobs but also accessed with greater horizon of peace,collaboration and development. after having membership of this network, I found myself as a member of world rather than a nationality. I am proud with this. wishing for upcoming new innovatives ideas, oppourtunities.

Profile Photo by Dr.Fazlur Rahman

The informative contents on the website, the forums, discussion and updates has motivated me to focus more on Peace. My area is the most vulnerable to conflicts at national and international level. These updates have enabled me to draw a strategy for my self and the area.

Profile Photo by Gilbert M. Khadiagala

This is an excellent website that I have often recommended to all my colleagues and students.

Profile Photo by Dr Rajeeb Kumar Sharma

This is a wonderful network bringing human activists close across the globe. This has enhanced our knowledge by providing continuous information about scholarship and funding opportunities available. The network has played a important role in capacity building of network members.

Dr Rajeeb Kumar Sharma
General Secretary
Global Organisation for Life Development


I am happy about this site as it brings oneness to members on the network.This site also bridge the gap between the rich and the poor as we are all working in the interest of peace.Infact,it makes me to learn more about knoeledgeable things that are not thought at university.It also helps me to learn about training expect in diferent field of studies in the educational sector.I am always thinking about this site even when am in bed as its make me learn new things everyday about the conflict situations.

Profile Photo by Asire Loyce Allen

This website is a blessing to us all who are members and to those that we network with. Thank you Graig for this excellent work. To tell you the truth the network is educative, informative and resourceful in various ways and most especially in the area of peace building. Let me say the network is timely, because we are in the era when the world is struggling to make peace. Let us continue to work together and even invite others to join us, I believe together we can.
Allen Asire

Profile Photo by Md. Ashraf Hossain

Certainly, this web is a gateway to understand global hot issues, views and human resources development palnning.

Profile Photo by Juliet P. Candog-Bangi

I am grateful to this peace network. It helps me understand issues on ideology and cultural differences among my countrymen (Filipinos) and other countries without prejudice and conflict. There are several issues in this web that would help us shape and mold youths to be peace loving and advocate for truth in the school, community and other places.

Profile Photo by Juliet P. Candog-Bangi

i would like to commend Craig and the staff of this peace network for a job welldone. May you be blessed by God beyond measure.

Profile Photo by Lilian Edith Vargas

I just want to thank Craig for the great job he is developing through this blog and website. They are an invaluable tools to connect people and organizations all over the world to promote and build peace, human rights and a better life.

Profile Photo by Susmita Barua

I am new here but already finding lot of rich and interesting information. I am looking for some sponsor and support for my work on Deep conscious capitalism. Like to speak and educate citizens in different peace, justice, interfaith, educational forums. May be I’ll find it here. Peace through compassion, deep insight and right understanding is something I am working for.


Profile Photo by Solomon Inuwa

This forum is absolutely the best for like minded individuals working towards the ideals of global peace, security and development. For Craig, your contributions towards the emergence of just and peaceful world and humanity cannot be quantified.

Profile Photo by ANTHONY CORSY

I have not regretted joining this network. it provided a platform for sharing your views on conflict matters

Profile Photo by Daniel Tamene

I believe this site is unique in its way of organization, operation, membership and agenda that it sets out.
Most of all it is a way of developing the professional career in the specific ‘ peace , conflict and security’ area.

It should be appreciated and encouraged.
Good Job!

Profile Photo by Samia Abd Alla Mohammed Ali


Profile Photo by Samia Abd Alla Mohammed Ali

great Grag ,amazing net work

Profile Photo by Ramesh Kumar Sharma

The network has come up very live in short time. In Nepal we face a lot of conflict in water projects Like Melamchi which due to conflict could not be completed in decades. In village there is conflict for small source owenership, or due to hardship and not having a project. We recently completed one project by negotiating sources with 4 donors and people have service from new system….. now…..

Profile Photo by ROSE NOO

if there is one great thing that happened it is this network. it is informative ,it triggers serious thinking and it provides a whole chapter in rethinking strategically. kudo craig and team


Lovenia P Naces, PhD, Associate Professor, Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines
This Network allows me to do the following:
1) Get myself updated with activities of peace advocates around the world;
2) Gather information on scholarship opportunities for students and professionals interested in peace and development and forward such information to a wide range of networks where such students and professionals are likewise linked;
3) Invite friends, relatives, co-workers and acquaintances to sign up as members of PCDN;
4) Make a rapid trending of peace approaches globally as I read


(continuation of the previous comments…. Sorry I accidentally hit the wrong button)
I am able to make a rapid trending of global peace approaches and priorities through PCDN. This enhances my knowledge and helps me enrich my syllabus on Peace. It cuts my “search time” for materials and keeping abreast with what’s going on in Peace and Development concerns and activities globally.

I am really grateful to Rotary International for this opportunity, especially to Craig. Two thumbs up for you Craig!

Profile Photo by Achan

Unlike other network, these network is extremely useful. often time when am trying to Look for Resources in Peace, Conflict and Good Govereance, its the first site. more significally the rich information from the members on Grants, peace studies and recomendable instituions.

Profile Photo by Mugisho Ndabuli Theophile

This network is extremely informative and always updated. It helps people of different lands, beliefs, colors and thinking share what they have. Issues about peace and conflict abound on this network. This is a true developmental site.

Profile Photo by Usman Kabir Musa

Ever since I discover this web site, the posibilities of building peace initaitive network in my country is now a dream come true. I have got the opportunity to communicate with proffesionals in the feild of conflict and development issues, and so far the outcome is wonderful.

Profile Photo by RICHARD MUTINDA

Its through this site that i have been able to network with other peace building stakeholders and more so benefited from their immense experience in the field. I have also been previllaged to get some funds and contacts which helped me train my youth groups on peace building and conflict transformation. Thanks to Network. God bless everyone who dreamed of such a medium of information exchange

Profile Photo by dorothy massa

In summary, Peace and Collaborative Development Network has excellent services.It’s really amazing for researchers and academicians.

Profile Photo by Margaret Wamuyu Muthee

The information that i get through the network is hard to come by through any other means besides the network. The information is so rich and its new every day. This makes it very resourceful for scholars, researchers, students and practitioners in the field of peace and conflict studies.

Profile Photo by Pastor Samuel Muderhwa M

the Network, is so helpful helping us to learning from others, and connect with other from around the world who are relating to what we are doing, and for that is so helpfully and be most benefit

Profile Photo by Gbawu

You may not know the full impact that this platform achieves in pointing light for peace across the globe. The users are the only ones positioned to say that and I am one of them. I do not have to be in an ivory tower to make this reflection. I can use a metaphor that the portal is a holy communion gluing the world together for peace. The PCDN has gone so far and so wide and the help to the two communities is beyond comparison yet, I need to be corrected on this. But you can rest assured that you are positively enriching our living experiences, the world over. Good day and best wishes!

Profile Photo by Van Lalnghakthang

This network creates common platform to share, to learn and listen.The network itself build peace!! This has motivates members and non-members to build global peace. This is also a source of information for researchers and academicians & knowledge box for the practitioner. Yes, it is a worthwhile network.

Profile Photo by Asmau Benzies-Leo

The network has been tremendous help to me and my work,it has made things easy in terms of research,fellowship announcement,grants and other events taking place all over the world.Through this network,i have been able to achieve alot.I therefore recommend it to any person who is in need of intellectual affiliation and expertise.
Asmau Benzies -Leo’
Executive Director,
Centre for Nonviolence and Gender Advocacy in Nigeria.

Profile Photo by Luka Paulino Morbe Gore

the information i got is rich especially we in the Developing Countries,Conflict ranging from home to every activity you encounter, The Site is opulent indeed

Profile Photo by Shahid Hussain

Good network but it must be practical.

Profile Photo by Cynthia Davis

The Peace and Collaborative development Network has provided resources for me at many levels; for the organization I work for as well as for personal goals for me and my family involvement as a peace activists. Most recently I was made aware of a call for applications for youth for the Global Changemakers youth summit in the UK. I forwarded this to my daughter who is involved in anti-genocide work at her high school and she applied for the program. She was accepted and will go to the UK with 60 students from around the world to discuss peace and global development. She would never have had this opportunity without this network. I am also working with people all over the world and connecting locally with others to help in other areas of human rights and women’s rights because of this network. It has changed my life. Thank you!

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PCDN’s contribution to bring all together and sharing valuable information,opinians are great services to all. i valued so much and welcoming in future too.

i see three kind of segments in receipents-members of this network, may be more other.  Students,Acadamics and Professionals. 

Infuture, PCDN could consider to bring more information & publications to the benefit of  working , practicing peace workers in the armed conflict affected areas, Civilian Protection monitors on their lesson learned and challenges.

Hope my suggestions would be helping for your future addded value of PCND.









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This website has greatly enhanced not only my understanding but significantly, the practice of peacebuilding. It has current updated relevant information. I never understood the geo-political affairs of the Middle East, but now I have some glimpse through this PCDN. Thanks for the job weldone!


Surely, I concur with the rest in appreciating PCDN.


Juba, South Sudan, Africa.


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Words are just inadequate for me to express how great this site is.  This site is really a gift to thousand of people around the world  who seek solutions to problems.  This site has really contributed to my personal growth both academically and socially.  It has enriched my understanding about the happenings around the world.

I am very grateful to Craig Zelizer and the rest who have made this site active and functional.  Brovo to you for your good job.

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This site is very useful for me and for others who look for information about the peace and conflict around the globe. In addition, we have got a lot of friend who has same vision and mission to maintain the peace condition in the world…so we can share many things related to how to achieve the peace in the world

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Dear Craig 


This is an incredible, wonderful, and informative web site for all. May God Bless you for making it happened. 


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First of all note of admiration and appreciations. This is very useful net work. PCDN is promoting peace, its remarkable contributions. In my personal capacity I have been able to read and comprehend about peace and conflict issues.  Its very fruitful platform for like mind people to develop interaction on issues of bilateral interest. 

Thanks to PCDN whole team and especially  to Mr. Craig.


is there a way to change settings so i only receive a weekly digest?



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Hi Craig,

Congatulations for the good work you and your network have done so far. PCDN shares very insightful information on various issues. It is a worthy to be a member of the PCDN.


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 This is the best network I ever worked with. I hope to be a full fledged contributor and writer even after  you doctorate research programme in South Africa.  I so much cherish  Craig for educating me this far. 

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I found this website very useful and sharing with other friends in development sector. I got number of useful blogs, job advertisements, scholarship details and much more through the updates. 

There is need to make it more advertised to have more development workers on its circles.

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As the name suggests or implies, PCDN is a splendid innovation for professional collaboration and networking, be it in the area of research, institution development, etc. It has kept me connected to as well linked me up with a great number of colleagues, experts and institutions at the cutting edge of conflict resolution, peacebuilding and humanitarian / development work across the world. It has also been a platform for dialogue on cross-cutting issues in these fields among professionals/experts from varied experiences, orientations and backgrounds. This network is increasingly building a critical mass of world changes who will set the agenda for global transformation by actualizing some if not most of the positive potentials of ‘globalization.’ Thanks to the innovator and all members of the PCDN family across the world… Let’s keep the Network alive!!! Kudos!!!     

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For me, PCDN gives me food for brain information. Everything i ever wanted in peace arena, be it Jobs, fellowships, events, reports, this list cant be exhaustive is on PCDN. Any one engaged in Peace works who does not access this network will have knowledge gaps. I had such gaps until i joined this incredible platform.

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I learn … I grow … my knowledge re: topics that are of interest to me expands … .

TY  tytyty  PCDN.

                     Linda  Ohlson  Graham

                     CO Dept. of Peace Poet Laureate

                     EARTH OCEAN HEAVENS productions