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We Were Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny, LIVE, As We Broadcast!

Hear how moving Beyond Gender Tyranny sounds, in motion.

Now on podcast!

Want to know how to move Beyond Gender Tyranny in your own lives?

Listen to me, Anastasia, and my co-host, New Horizons Board Member, Steve Lebherz, as we did it LIVE on our most recent broadcast, now on podcast.

Steve and I demonstrated how you do “IT,” live on air, how to take the first steps in moving Beyond Gender Tyranny

Hear us in action!

Listen to the podast of our most recent show – 

“If War Is Not The Answer, 

Beyond Gender Tyranny, What Is?”

This show today was a whopper!!

Especially when you get into the second half.

So awesome that Steve and I agreed to be back, again, with our listeners, as soon as we can put our next plan together! Our plans are in motion now. Check back for regular updates on our New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” blog site.

Updates will also be posted here, on the Peace and Collaborative Development Network site, but less frequently.

You can be quite certain that our agenda will be to guide our listeners, step by step, in —

Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny: 

Setting The Stage

Saturday, May 26  11:30 a.m

Look for more stories – and details.

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