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Sam You

Wanted: Males Supporting #Metoo As A Cultural Change Movement

Men, We Want You And We Want Your Stories!

Study officially begins, Thursday, March 15!

The New Horizons Beyond Gender Tyranny project, guided by Executive Director, Anastasia the Storyteller, is now collecting the stories of men who want to mend the broken fences of male-female relationships.

What does the #MeToo Movement mean for you?

We want to know.

How is it, personally, affecting your day-to-day life?

What do you need in order to navigate the current choppy waters of male-female relationships?

We want to know!

Anastasia wants to talk to you for our Beyond Gender Tyranny Study (much like our Possible Society Study). She is, also, interested in inviting you to be a guest on the Anastasia Radio Show to engage with her, on the air, in a consciousness-raising dialogue in the service of moving the #Metoo effort to its highest potential.

Here is an opportunity for you to express your views, your experiences, your concerns, your needs, your hopes and your dreams.

Our mission is to —

  • Mend the broken fences of male-female relationships;
  • Build bridges of compassion and understanding.

Our method is –

To create both live and broadcast consciousness-raising forums.

Your stories can help move that effort forward!

Tell us and our listeners your views and your stories.

How do you think we can make that happen? 

Contact Anastasia to arrange your participation in our Beyond Gender Tyranny Study and as a guest on Anastasia the Storyteller.

Contact Anastasia, Cell: 240.409.5347,


Let’s make a difference that’s been waiting thousands of years to happen! 

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