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Top 10 Reasons to Support PCDN (please add your own feedback)

Top 10 Reasons to Contribute and Become a Paying Member of PCDN

Dear Colleagues

PCDN provides a vital service that benefits thousands of individuals and organizations around the world each year. We run a very lean operation and rely on support from our members, partners and advertisers to continue our work. We urge you to consider supporting our work in anyway you can via our Support Page. Here are the top 10 reasons to support us (please add your own reasons and testimonials of the impact)

1)  PCDN is Unique – Although there are many other excellent networking sites in social change a PCDN provides a rare combination of networking, information on career (scholarship, grants, and more) that few other sites offer, in addition to our ever expanding resource guide section. If you look at some of the other great sites out there you will find some are free (all ask for donations) but many require payments to access their services and these can range upwards of $15 a month. 

2) PCDN has Impacted your Career/Life – In our seven yeras of existence, PCDN has impacted thousands of individuals and organizations around the world. This includes helping people obtain new jobs, scholarships, contacts, assisting organizations in receiving grants, providing innovative new ideas for research and much more. If you have received a tangible impact from being a member of PCDN in anyway please consider becoming a paid member.

3) An incredible resource for Organizations – If you’re an organization such as a university or nonprofit that uses PCDN to recruit for positions or distribute information to your students or employees, using PCDN is an amazing bargain.  Please consider taking a moment to reflect on the benefit your org has received from PCDN and can easily invoice your organization for a paid membership. Also consider signing up for advertising or recruiting via PCDN.

4)You will feel Good -If you provide support now you will be able to feel good about having been an early supporter of PCDN.

5) Demonstrating Community Support for PCDN  – PCDN has received rave reviews from around the world and has over 36,000 members. This is a network built to serve the community and the larger world. Being able to demonstrate that a sizeable % of PCDN members provide financial support is critical to attracting additional support.

6) Give What You Can – Although we do list some recommended amounts that students, professionals and organizations should consider, the amount is entirely up to you.

7) Community Support will Help to Grow PCDN – One of the great features about PCDN is that we are continually developing new features and content. We recently launched our 100% new PCDN 3.0 platform that has many entirely new and improved features. We have many new exciting things in the work that are coming soon.

8) We are Responsive – While we generally do not give direct career advice, we do respond directly to hundreds of inquiries every year from around the world.

9) It takes less then 5 minutes – Giving online securely via PayPal takes less than a few minutes and payments are accepted from most countries in the world.

10) We help Inspire – In addition to providing information on many of the world’s most challenging conflict affected regions, PCDN also provides many positives examples of social change that inspire others.

Please Add Additional Reasons to Contribute to PCDN

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Profile Photo by Onyeigwe Daniel

Craig and Team, you guys are doing a great job, I will definitely make some donations to this great work. all the best


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