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The True Love That We Should Practice!

Love can be seen in many manifestations and has different connotations. Some can talk about it as a word, which differs in meaning from a person to another.  Everyone has his own perspective of love, according to the form and the nature of the relationship, his view point and his way of thinking. Our social and pedagogical legacy played a great role in shaping the concept of love, theory and practice. And above all comes mass communication as an influential tool in shaping this concept.

Dear lawyers, allow me to play your role, but I’ll defend Love. The concept of love has been deformed and been accused in our societies! For example, teens – regardless the age because some them are in 40s – perceive love as a sensual pleasure between a couple of people, or may be more, and those who claim to be religious, once they hear the word “love”, they flew into a rage of prohibiting, restricting, and asking: is he a Muslim or not. Is he …, is he…? Moreover the racists, who classify people according to their ideological identity, or their party, or appearance, see love through their limited vision: “love only those who belong to our faction”! Even arts, with all its forms, draw a dramatic image of love, an image of pain, torture, and regret!

There is a great variety of examples which embody these misconceptions of love: in education, life coaching, relationships, marriage and other forms of human interactions, in the name of love. But love has nothing to do with it. This diminishing approach to love connotes immaturity, and misunderstanding of love as a value. This atmosphere of misconceptions and deformation has stimulated me to write about love, aiming at revealing its real meaning and characteristics as I see it, so that it might reform the current image and restore the natural one which is consistent with our human nature.

If you contemplate the essence of love, you will realize that it’s an origin, a nature; it embeds all goodness and all beauty. Love, as a form of energy, is a great humane one. As emotions, it is soaring and positive. As frequencies, it is miraculous: 528 Hz. It connotes several profound meanings; regardless what type of relationship is it:

Love is giving, not depriving. It is caring, not ignoring. It is helping, not hurting. It is accepting the other as he is, not trying to change him. It is positivity, not a fake drama. Peace, not hostility. Tolerance, not revenge. Understanding and embracing, not argument. Safety, not fear. Serenity, not anxiety. Surrender, not control. Emancipation, not enslavement. Choice, not force. Compassion, not roughness. Appreciation, not indifference. Sincerity, not betrayal!

These are some of the connotations of unconditional love, as I perceive it. It is clear from any deformation or sensuality. Educators, parents, guides, spouses, or those who are engaged can put these meanings into actions in their daily life, and boost it in others.

The characteristics of a lover:

  • Accepts others, for they are human beings. This wide acceptance to others gives no value to any classifications.
  • Peaceful: participates in no violence nor ignites conflict.
  • Tolerant. This means he lives here and now.
  • Serves humankind and focuses on positivity.
  • Flexible and compassionate.
  • Free. Doesn’t attempt to control others.
  • Clear about his demands, honest in expression, without offence, clear with himself.
  • Conscious, he separates the person from his actions. When discussing people, he criticizes ideas not persons.
  • Expects nothing from others.
  • Never manipulates.

Insights into love:

  • Love is natural and spontaneous. It springs from us. If you look for it outside yourself, then you are running after a mirage.
  • Love heals. It is a universal rule which does miracles.
  • Love is a “verb” not a “noun”. Love is actions, not only emotions.
  • Love is different from attachment. Being attached to something means trying to control it.
  • Love comes out of will and choice. Any attempt to force or impose is out of context.
  • Love as essence is integration, when it is between a couple, and it is collective when it is among a group of people, because identity is common and comes from the same origin: humanity.
  • Love is an essence. It’s irrelevant to appearance. If it is based on such a foundation, then it’s a mere desire or admiration.
  • When falling in love with someone that means either we have some traits or tendencies in ourselves, which we want to boost, or we look for it in the person we love. 
  • Hatred is the common and apparent opposite of love. Actually, Fear is real opposite of love.

In a nutshell, I attempted to clarify the concept of love in a philosophical way, which is consistent with the human nature, as well as with the universal rules. Love is an origin, a lost fundamental human, emotional, and social value! Human beings need to understand and practice it in the right way. Love is capable of doing what all governments combined cannot do. All attempts to suppress and deform love – concept and practice – will fail. With love, there is no war, no hostility, and no destruction!! Thus any ideology embeds violence, fanaticism and hostility, instead of love as a core; it conflicts with the origin of religions and its spirit, and conflicts with the message of human kind as well. It is working in an opposite direction to the universal rules!

Anyway, this is my message: “we will work on what we want, in order to have the results at which we aim. We are working on prevailing love and peace among people”.      

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