The Three Main Steps To Achievement!

To achieve anything in your life you need three main steps that you have got to learn about them. The first one is that you should have a desire, something is clear that you want which we call a goal. A desire is the starting point of all achievement. It’s when you have something to achieve accompanied by strong feelings. A person who has the desire towards achievement should have to vibrationally match with his desire, it’s to have the right frequency with what you want. In other words, you have to have the feelings of what you want to achieve even before achieving it, and that’s by acting as if you have already achieved it. It’s imagining the feelings that you would have if you achieve something you want, something you desire. That’s called a vibrational match to anything you want. Hence it’s very important to know how to raise your vibrations to get to the level where you can achieve the goal you want. Of course, the goal that you want to achieve isn’t realistic, it means that it doesn’t exist right now, that’s why you need to plan to create it in your life. So to create something unreal you have got to be energetically prepared for it. You should resonate with the goal that you want it to be manifested. The third step is to have the right environment for achieving what you want. What I mean by “right” is to have a kind of supportive environment, and it doesn’t have to be a perfect, but we need to have such  environment  because we can’t be focusing on our intention and preparing our vibrations all the time, it’s almost difficult to be done and I think no one can master it all the time. If you can it’s great and you don’t even need any environment, but we as a human being aren’t at that level at least yet. so you have to create a proper environment where you can rely on your self and cooperate with others, but not relying on others at all. it could be an interdependent environment where you can synergize with others but never be dependent. Let me give you an example, suppose that you are about to start your own business, you should have the desire first, the goal, and the plan for it. You should ask your self a question of why you want to do that business. what are the reasons that are burning your desire? If you don’t know what you want exactly or you just run after money that doesn’t work. People who run after money will never make money, only business brings money, but money doesn’t ever bring money, even those who gather a lot of money and they just  keep it in bank, then the bank actually will do the business and get the money, therefore if you look for money by money it will never work. So if you have a goal for what you master and you want to shift that into business then you should write a proposal which clarifies what do you want to do, what is your mission and vision, how do you want to do, and how much budget needed for running it. The second stage is that you have got to get your vibrations up and to resonate with that goal, you might visit successful people in that field of business to know how they work, how their feelings, the opportunities and the challenges and what they are doing most of the time. You might read about that business and navigate through the internet to get enough information, so at this stage, you are going to prepare and match your vibrations with the business that you can start. It takes a long time until it accumulates and gets to that level where you become vibrationally ready. The last step is to create the environment where your business gets supported for example, to find a right people to work with or maybe this business needs some stuff or facilities to get (types of equipment, devices, office rooms, … etc) whatever it is, it just gives you the environment that you can start working.

These are the three stages where you wrote a proposal about what you want, prepared your self and adjusted your feelings, and created the right environment where you can start working to achieve your goal. There is a lot of details about every step which I will articulate in future articles. Wish you a happy new year 2018!

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