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The Global Spotlight Project Launch Announcement

The Global Spotlight Project Launch Announcement

The Global Spotlight Project Launch Announcement

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Global Spotlight Project, an initiative to support the Paris Agreement.
Climate Scorecard today is launching the Global Spotlight Project aimed at helping the Paris Agreement achieve its important goals. Our campaign is launched against the background of recent scientific studies that suggest that existing country pledges to the Paris Agreement are insufficient to prevent the planet from exceeding the 2 degree Celsius global warming tipping point.

The Global Spotlight Project supports citizen and organizational-based efforts to advocate that countries fully comply with and strengthen their Paris Agreement pledges. The campaign provides citizens around the world with monthly News Briefs and Action Alert messages about what countries are or are not doing to further their commitment to the Paris Agreement. The Global Spotlight Project seeks to form a global alliance of civil society, business, and policy research organizations, working together to persuade leading greenhouse gas emitting countries to strengthen their Paris Agreement pledges.

In conjunction with the Global Spotlight Project, a new Climate Scorecard website is now live. The site is designed to engage citizens around the world in advocating for countries to increase their compliance with Paris Agreement goals and objectives.
Visit Our Website
For further information visit the new Climate Scorecard website or contact Climate Scorecard Co- Founders Ron Israel or Lois Barber.

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