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All India Institute of Ayurveda

Texts of PM’s speech at the dedication of All India Institute of Ayurveda to the nation

My colleague, Mr. Shripad Naik ji, Yogacharyas, Ayurveda experts, teachers, students and other great teachers on this great occasion of Dhanvantri Jayanti and Ayurveda Day , who came to participate in this program from all over the country, very much good luck to all of them and my good and prosperous wishes to  the entire country. Congratulations to all of you on the country’s first All India Ayurveda Institute. 

I also give a devotion to the AYUSH Ministry to celebrate Dhanvantri Jayanti as Ayurvedic Day and to establish this institution.Companions, no matter how much effort a country can make, but it can not move forward until it knows its history, its proud heritage. The identity of those who are leaving their heritage is to end.

If we see the history of our country, we will find that the round was so powerful, so rich that when the rest of the world saw it, it seemed that it was not possible to compete with India’s knowledge and intelligence. That’s why they adopted another path. It was easy for us to destroy the best we had. 

In the era of slavery our tradition OF Saints, our teachers, farmers, our scientists, our yoga, our Ayurveda, all these power was ridiculed and also the efforts were made to weaken them, and even so on those powers between our own people. An attempt was made to reduce faith. 

When salvation came from slavery, there was a hope that whatever has been saved will be preserved, timely change will be made. But this too is not a priority. Which was, was left to his place) , an attempt was made to destroy our powers in the era of slavery and after a period of independence a long time came when an attempt was made to ignore these powers. In a way, his own legacy was turned away. For these reasons, patents of all such information went to other countries, which we used to use at home as a prescription for grandmothers. 

Today I am proud that in the last three years this situation has been changed to a great extent. Our legacy, which is superior, its reputation is being established in the mind of the people. 

Today, when all of us have gathered on Ayurveda Day, or when on June 21, when the number of lakhs of people come out and celebrate Yoga Day, then they are filled with pride of their heritage. When lakhs of people do yoga in different countries on that day, seeing those pictures, it seems that yes, this yoga that connects millions of people to India has given them. Brothers and Sisters, which have been the heritage of Yoga as a whole, now it is becoming a legacy of the entire humanity expanding.these changes are only for three years, and of course, the AYUSH Ministry has a very large role in it. 
Companions, Ayurveda is not just a medical practice. Within its scope there are many topics like social health, public health, environmental health etc. Understanding this requirement, the government is focusing on the integration of Ayurveda, Yoga and other public healthcare systems of AYUSH systems. The government has kept AYUSH in its four priority areas. Along with forming a separate ministry, we have laid out comprehensive rules for the integration of health services and AYUSH systems and guidelines, while creating National Health Policy. 

Believers, the Government recognizes this and it is being resolved that the integration of AYUSH in health care will not be limited to the files as before, it will be brought to the ground. A number of initiatives have been taken by the Ministry of AYUSH in this direction. The launch of the National AYUSH Mission, the program of health-keeping programs, Mission Diabetes, the concept of Ayusha Village is such topics which are now discussed here by Shripad Naik ji.It is very necessary for the expansion of associates, Ayurveda that there is a good hospital with all the facilities connected to it in every district of the country. In this direction, the AYUSH Ministry is working fast and in more than three years, more than 65 Ayush Hospitals have been developed. 

Today, as in AIIMS in Delhi, the inauguration of All India Ayurveda Institute is also a part of this episode. Initially, there are more than seven and a half hundred patients coming in every day. In the coming days, the number of patients is estimated to be doubled. This institute has been built with modern infrastructure. With this help, Ayurvedic treatment of many serious diseases will also help. I am happy that today the establishment of ayurveda institution has reinvigorated the knowledge of Ayurveda along with Ayurveda and wealth. 

It is also a very promising situation that these Ayurvedic institutions will work together with AIIMS, Indian Council of Medical Research and some other international organizations. I hope the All India Ayurveda Institute will be the main center of Inter-Disciplinary and Integrative Health Practice while walking on this path. 

My dear Companions, Ayurveda has a long list of properties. The world does not want to be just healthier anymore, now she needs WellNess and this thing can get her from Ayurveda and yoga. Today, the formula of ‘Back to the Nature’ is becoming popular in all the countries of the world. People’s tendency is moving towards such practices, which are based directly on nature. In such a situation, creating a favorable environment for Ayurveda is not difficult. We need to increase the utility of Ayurveda more and more in today’s needs. 

Today there is a need that experts associated with Ayurveda should extend the services of Ayurveda. They have to think about areas where Ayurveda can be more effective. One such field is- Sports’s You may have seen how much the role of physicians doing physiotherapy in recent years has increased. Big players keep their personal physiotherapists. Large-hearted players are also trapped in the stroke of unknown pain medicines. We all know that Ayurveda and Yoga can be more effective in this subject. In Ayurveda and yoga based physiotherapy, there will be no risk of consuming any kind of banned medicines.Yoga and Ayurveda are important for our security forces just like sports. Our young men protect the country in very difficult situations. Never posting on mountains, sometimes on desert, sometimes on the banks of the coast, sometimes in dense forests. Different seasons, different situations In such a way, yoga and Ayurveda can save them from many diseases. Yoga and Ayurveda can be very effective in removing mental stress, increasing concentration, strengthening the immune system of our soldiers. 

Quality Ayurvedic education also requires a lot of attention. Rather it should be scaled up further. Like Panchkarma Therapist, Ayurvedic Dietician, Paralysis Analyst, Ayurveda Pharmacist, Ayurveda’s full supporting chain should also be developed. Apart from this, one of my suggestions is that once again different views of different courses of Ayurvedic education are discussed. When a student performs the course of Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery-BAMS, then read about Paratyra, Ayurvedic Diet, Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals. After reading five-and-a-half years, he gets a degree and then he attempts to pursue his own practice or job or higher studies. 
Companions, is it possible that the course of BAMS should be designed in such a way that after passing the exam, the student will get any certificates. If this happens, there will be two advantages. Those students who would like to start their practice along with further education, will be comfortable and students who have missed their studies for some reason, they also have a certificate of any level of Ayurveda. Not only this, the students who will come out with a full course of five years will also have better options for employment. 
Just a short time ago, Shripad Nike ji mentioned collaboration with Spalding Rehab Hospital and Harvard Medical School. I am very happy to hear this and I congratulate both sides. I hope that this collaboration will help in exploring the possibility of Ayurvedic treatment in the field of sports medicine, rehabilitation medicines, pain relief. 
Brothers and Sisters, I have launched Standard Guidelines and Standard Terminology Portal for Treatment with Ayurveda shortly before now. Both of these initiatives will generate large amounts of data, which will be used in Ayurveda to get scientific recognition in line with modern methods. I think these initiatives will prove to be milestones in the field of Ayusha Science. With this help, the universal acceptance of Ayurveda will also increase. 
Standard Guidelines and Standard Terminology in Ayurveda are therefore essential because due to its absence the allopathic world and its processes easily overwhelmed Ayurveda. In a time, a commission of the Indian government also said in its report that Ayurveda is far from the homes of such people because its method is not favorable for today’s time. 
On one side there are allopathic medicines, which were opened and eaten from the chest. On the other hand, Ayurveda is eaten on the other side because the process of preparing medicines and eating is so long that the common man thinks, who will spoil so much time. In this period of fast food, old styled packaging of Ayurvedic medicines will not work. As the packaging of ayurvedic medicines becomes modern, the standard of treatment procedures will be fixed, terminology will be common, you will see how fast the difference will start. 
In today’s era, people want immediate results. People get immediate effects, so people do not care about side effects.These speculations are wrong, but this is visible on all sides. Therefore, the knowledge seekers of Ayurveda should research the medicines that give effect to immediate effects, and still with side effects, think of such medicines, create them. 
Brothers and Sisters, I have been told that under the Ministry of AYUSH, the pharmacy standard of over 600 Ayurvedic medicines has been published. The more publicity of this, the greater the penetration of Ayurvedic medicines.Today a huge market is being prepared for herbal medicines. India has to use its full capabilities in this too. Herbal and medicinal plants are becoming a huge medium of earning. 
In Ayurveda, medicine is made from all such plants which do not require much water and neither fertile land. Many of therapeutic plants come in such a similar way. But because of not knowing the real significance of those plants, they are uprooted as scrub. There is also a need to consider how to avoid this loss due to a lack of awareness.New employment opportunities are also open with the cultivation of medicinal plants. I would like the Ministry of AYUS to work with the skill development ministry to develop a short-term course for farmers or students in this direction.Besides traditional farming, the farmer will be able to utilize the waste land of the farm for medicinal plants, then the income will also increase. 
Brothers and sisters, this sector needs a lot of investment now for development and expansion. The government has approved 100 percent Foreign Direct Investment-FDI in Health Care system. Efforts should also be made to find out how the benefits of FDI in health care should be given to Ayurveda and yoga. 

I will also urge all the companies and private sector in the country to come forward as well as for allopathic based large hospitals, as well as for yoga and Ayurveda. Apply some of your corporate social responsibility, ie CSR fund to Ayurveda and Yoga. 
We must also keep in mind that the knowledge that our ancestors had received thousands of years ago was a tireless work behind them, the inspiration for mankind’s welfare. The thought of doing something innovative, something innovative has given rise to miracles like yoga and Ayurveda. But as soon as we left behind innovation, the conditions began to change, our impact began to decline. 
This situation is now needed to completely change back. Not only today, it is demanding full humanity that India will change its position. Peers, today the world is searching for a holistic health care, but it is not getting the way. She is looking at Ayurvedic and compound power of India with great hope. He is also confident that India’s experience in yoga and Ayurveda can come in the welfare of the whole world. Therefore, it is also important time for us to not lose a moment even now. Proceed with resolution, it can be proven, prove it. 
Companions of India, “Ekam Shatabahi Vaadra Bahadya Vedanti” are also applicable to all kinds of pharmaceutical systems or health systems. We respect every kind of health system and wish everyone’s progress to do so. In India, there are also democratic systems of treatment systems like spiritual democracy. Everyone has the right to their own progress, everyone is respected. The government aims to push all types of health systems forward, that the poor are cheaply cheaper, available easily. 
Because of this, our emphasis on health sector has been consistent on two main things – the first Preventive Health Care and secondly, the increase in affordability and access to health sector. 
With emphasis on Preventive Health Care, we started Mission Rainbow, so that by 2020, all those children who vaccinate in normal immunization campaign can be immunized. The government decided that by completely vaccinating such children, they will save them from 12 types of diseases. Under Mission Rainbow, more than two and a half million children and about 70 lakh pregnant women have been vaccinated so far. It is the effect of the government’s efforts that the speed of vaccination in the country was growing at an annual rate of one per cent, the mission has reached 6.5 per cent since the rainbow. 
Right now this month the government has further focused on this mission. Intensified Mission Indradhanush has been started, which will be focused on those towns and cities. The vaccination coverage is the lowest here. For the next one year, there will be a 7-day continuous tickling campaign every week in 173 districts of the country. The Government aims to achieve full immunization coverage in the country by December 2018. 
Companions, first it was believed that Health Care is the responsibility of the Health Ministry. But our thinking is different. Intensified Mission Indradhanush is now being taken to help 12 different government ministries, even the Ministry of Defense. 
Brothers and Sisters, Preventive HealthCare is another cheap and healthy way – cleanliness This government has brought sanitation to the house-house like a mass movement. The government has constructed more than 50 million toilets in three years. How the people’s thinking about cleanliness has changed, the example is that some people started to call the toilets in Izhtagh. You must have read the Unicef ​​report a few days ago. It has been said in this report that the families who build a toilet in the village, save up to Rs. 50,000 per annum. Otherwise, this money is spent in the treatment of its diseases.With the promotion of Preventive HealthCare, the government has been taking holistic approach from start to increase affordability and access to health care. PG medical seats have been increased for medical students studying in medical colleges. It will be provided directly to our youth, as well as doctors will also be available for treatment of the poor.New AIIMS is also being opened in various states to provide better treatment and health to the people of the country.There has also been a slew of cuts in the prices of stent, controlling the prices of Knee Implants. Inadequate medicines are also being provided to the poor through Public Drug Centers. Companions, I have been told that our foreign mission in this country is also celebrating Ayurveda Day in almost 24 countries this year. For the past 30 years, the IT revolution has been seen in the world. Now there should be a health revolution under the leadership of Ayurveda. Let us take an oath on this auspicious day: 

“We will practice Ayurveda, we will keep Ayurveda alive and we will live for Ayurveda” 

Brothers and Sisters, all of you with the very best wishes of Ayurveda Day, Akhil Bharatiya Ayurveda Institute.

I end my talk. 

Thank you very much !!!

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