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Spiritual or Religious: In Which Sense?

The essential mission of religion is simply to make people aware of their lives for sake of happiness and joy. I do believe that great personalities such as Krishna, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammed have come with great teachings which practically provide a good quality of life. However, religion with time has turned into something else. It’s changed to become the following: “our religion and you are the enemies”!

Today most of the followers of religions are in a fight with everybody else. The reason is that they are used to labeling others and judging them based on their religious background. Unfortunately, this kind of manner will never ever promote peace among different nations.

Spirituality has nothing to do with religion. It is a state of acceptance regardless of people’s backgrounds. It’s to have moral qualities, and to spread good values such peace, tolerance, love, knowledge, and development among people.

Religion today has turned into violence including struggles and fights, it has different claims of protecting God, his mission, religion, and set of beliefs which so-called sacred! It doesn’t matter if religion kills thousands of people on behalf of what the so-called sacred, but human beings are more sacred than any other thing.

In that sense, you can be spiritual without being religious. The fact that is difficult today to be spiritual while following a religious path. It’s not impossible but I think it would be hard. Meanwhile saying that doesn’t mean religions are wrong or bad. They are essentially great as a way of life. However who represents religion today is a question mark. But what if a religious person claims that he is spiritual? well, if so he is under doubt to me, until he proves otherwise because I know very well how religions program people today and take control of them. Therefore the majority don’t understand the original idea of religion which has come to help people to understand themselves and the outside world.

Muslims for example, wherever there is a religious group there is a problem almost. Unfortunately to say that Muslims today who are fanatic to Islam are expected to cause troubles more than those who are not committed to. I have noticed clearly that there is a big possibility for violence if there so much religious fanatic followers, and that including all religions. It is displeasing and disappointing to say so especially to a very great religion like Islam, of course, this is happening not because of Islam itself, but because of its followers, and we have got to admit this reality, and change it.   

In my experience, I have to say that everyone has to freely experience his own path, not to copy other’s paths. in addition, there is no right or wrong path, but different experiences. 

For more about religion as a way to peace, click the link below:

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