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The Peace Which We Believe!

It might be difficult to define peace in one word, but we can identify the concept of peace -from my point of view – if we look at peace as an inside-outside lifestyle and practice, and here we cannot talk about the concept of peace isolated from the concept of inner peace.

I believe that the peace cannot be prevailed in the world without attaining it in ourselves. Gandhi said “Be the change you like to see in the world” and therefore peace is a philosophy of life, which enables the individual to return to the instinct, and to the pure self-awareness. This instinct is what makes us realizes that we – as human beings -are originally alike! And that our differences and diversity is a healthy phenomenon and is essential for the continuation of innovation, ideas flow, and for the development of our life. Hereby, if we realize our unity as human beings, we will create a situation of love and peace among human beings, and then we will be able to promote ethics and values in ourselves, in order to promote ourselves as well as our societies.

This makes me realize that living in peace requires a mentality (mind of peace) that believes in peace. It requires a deep faith in morality and in humane principles, which advocated by (Buddha, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad) and which all accepted by all the humankind: such as honesty, freedom, unconditional love, kindness, helping others, equality, justice, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, openness, acceptance of others, and not judging others, etc.. Then, if we are able to put these values into action, we will attain happiness and joy; we will be capable of influencing our environment starting from our families ending with the whole world in a ripple effect. We will be able to overcome our daily problems, and hostile tendencies, and we would be able to stop the wars in various regions in the world, then we will be able to embody peace outside because we have succeeded in attaining peace inside, within ourselves!

War and violence produces nothing but loss to all parties, and more resistance and hostility arise. Peace is the way and the choice of the courageous. If we manage to attain it in ourselves, we’ll overcome our conflicts throughout the world. Peace as a choice imposes the language of dialogue and mutual understanding among us. This language should lead us to consensus, as a manifestation of the win-win rule of thinking.

I’m sorry that the Arab world is living a state of unrestricted violence and continuous congregational conflict. No doubt this situation has escalated with the eruption of the so called the Arab spring revolutions 2011! The number of the victims of these revolutions is approaching the number of the victims of the American atomic bombings in Japan. As a Palestinian from Gaza, I have been raised in an area which witnesses the most violence throughout the globe, which is the prolonged conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis. This long term conflict extends now for more than 60 years, during which our country has been occupied by the Israelis. I still dream of attaining peace and living together without racism or discrimination, practicing our rights, experiencing justice and equality, away from hostility and hatred. That is because I and a group of my friends founded “The Palestinian Association for Culture of Peace” and “Initiatives of Change – Palestine” aiming at prevailing peace values in society, and accelerating community development. We hope that we’ll play an effective role in attaining peace between both nations.

As peace builder around the world, we should work on building bridges of peace and love between nations. Moreover, we should suppress violence everywhere, and this  undoubtedly demands great effort to be exerted in a world governed by materialism!

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