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PCDN January Career Webinar: How to Get Ready to Find Your Dream Job

Welcome to our inspire | connect | act career series. PCDNetwork’s mission for 2017 is to get you from passion to hired and to help you grow as a professional with purpose.

Whatever it is you are looking, PCDNetwork is the one place where you can come to receive inspiration (learn the latest trends in the field of social good); to connect (do you know that more and more employers are posting jobs and looking at the talent pool within PCDNetwork) and act (we have a year-long packed with content, events, workshops, and amazing thought leaders from the social sector) everything you will need to get you from passion and dream to where you want to be.

The last Thursday of every month, PCDNetwork will host a webinar dedicated to the topic of the month. Click for more info here on our amazing year of events.



January’s Webinar

It is January, in the northern pole it is brrrrr…. cold. This is an ideal time to retrieve, strategize and draw a plan of action.

January’s topic is How to Get Ready to Find your Dream Job.  

Preparing for your job search, knowing the right tools, having a well-thought plan and knowing what you want will be covered in January’s webinar. We hope you leave with concrete tools for your job search and career exploration in social change.

January’s webinar will be a compilation of the various blogposts themes and hopefully a great interactive session with your questions. Our goal is you leave the webinar with concrete tools for a successful job search.

Because every successful outcome has a good plan, don’t miss this webinar to equip you with what you need to get you to your professional goal and build a career with purpose.

The event is free to everyone, we have limited space so reserve here and share with others. The session will take place on the Zoom webinar platform. Participants will be provided with the login info prior to the event.

When: January 26, 2017

Time:     2 pm EST*

Click here to RSVP for January’s webinar

*Click here to find the webinar in your time zone

Click here to see more on our amazing year of activities on career in change






Profile Photo by Kate Dunnagan

Hi Craig!

I tried to sign up for the webinar, but the Event brite page says that I don’t have permission to edit?  Is anyone able to register?

Thank you! Looking forward to it!


    Profile Photo by Craig Zelizer

    Dear Kate, Thanks for your interest. I think we had one incorrect link in the post but we have corrected it. Let us know if you have any issues now. Would also appreciate if you can let others know about the event and PCDN.

Profile Photo by Kate Dunnagan

Thanks for your reply, Craig!  Is the webinar full? I was unable to register at the new link.  have a good one!

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