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Chandra Tyagi and Mahatma Gandhi

Prof. Dr. Yogendra Yadav Senior Gandhian Scholar Gandhi Research Foundation, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India Contact No. – 09404955338, 09415777229 E-mail-; Mailing Address- C- 29, Swaraj Nagar, Panki, Kanpur- 208020, Uttar Pradesh, India     Chandra Tyagi and Mahatma Gandhi   Chandra Tyagi was belonging from Uttar Pradesh. He was...

Teaching Teens

I found them one evening while walking on the streets of my town, throwing fruit at each other– somewhat jovially, but also violently. My words on non-violence hit home to them, and they realized someone actually cared. So they began coming over for English lessons, when I realized how much I could actually help them. Their English is poor, despite attending English-medium Christian schools....

ACR-GNY Tip of The Month- Active Listening For Mediators

Written by ACR-GNY Board Member Richard Lutringer & originally posted [HERE]) Parties in commercial mediations often reach resolution through the help of a skilled mediat or using traditional mediation tools, including an inquiry into underlying economic interests, which can  “expand the pie”.  In certain business disputes, however, as is often the case in family disputes, more than underlying...


The fabric of social practice and social action compose of theinterpersonal, exchange,interaction the flow of know-how; technologicaland human resources and man’s active participation in determining anddefining the entire social set up. These situations, institutions andevolving events stretch out to encompass different other spheres;academic research, media spheres including, video, television,...

The Impact of Sexual Violence against Jugun Ianfu after the Japanese Occupation in Indonesia

The term Jugun Ianfu refers to those women who were forced into sexual slavery to fulfill the Japanese military and civil officers’ sexual need at ianjo or comfort stations, or other places during Asia Pacific War in 1931-1945. The sexual slavery system was created by the Japanese military in the areas of their occupation and part of the Japanese logistic and war strategy during Asia Pacific...
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