New Report Youth and Peacebuilding Key insights and lessons from a global online consultation

This is a featured post on PCDN from Peace DirectChristian Cito Cirhigiri

Thank you to Peace Direct for giving me the unique opportunity to be the main author of this important report contributing to the advancement of the Youth Peace and Security Agenda. The report is the outcome of an online consultation jointly conducted with Unoy Peacebuilders in April 2019, with over 140 participants and guest contributors who exchanged insights and local experiences on YPS across three thematic categories, namely (1) Deconstructing the role of youth in peacebuilding, (2) Moving towards empowerment and inclusion, and (3) Investing in youth peacebuilding capacities.

Young people around the world are charting creative and innovative ways to build peace. This report shares key insights and policy recommendations to enhance youth inclusion in peacebuilding processes, which has the voices and views of young peacebuilders at its heart.

Kindly have a look, give your feedback, and help us by sharing this link with relevant stakeholders. Thank you! »

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