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News Breaking

New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” Project Announces New Gender Gap Bridge-Building Support Network!

New Horizons is moving into action, intent on bridging the gender gap!

Over Thanksgiving we asked ourselves –

How Are The Harvey Weinstein/Hollywood Scandals And The #Metoo Movement Going To Effect Our Community? 

And what can we do to reach the high barre on this?

Here is how we answered (Because we know the ropes on this one, read on to give yourself a holiday lift if all this scandal chaos is intruding!) — 

Our first steps will be on the local level, in Frederick County, Maryland.  Once we have some traction there, we will be open to coming to your community, as organizers and facilitators. 

Wherever you are, we are ready to assist with crisis management, moving through the cultural upheaval of women and men that we now have at hand.

This is crisis turned into opportunity! 

Please join us as we do our utmost to overcome gender polarization at this time!

Also see Anastasia The Storyteller’s posts on how Anastasia is addressing the fallout from the cultural tsunami fallout; the potential for male-female polarizing, out of the Harvey Weinstein/Hollywood sexual harassment and abuse scandals.

Here’s a rough draft of our plan, as it is to be announced in the coming weeks.

News Update! 
For release: December 10, 2017

How Are The Harvey Weinstein/Hollywood Scandals And The #Metoo Movement Going To Effect Our Community?

The New Horizons Support Network – and – our partnering organizations want to know!

None of us are far removed from these recent events, in Frederick County and everywhere else throughout this country (fill in the blank with your locale), as to not be impacted by them – in our work lives and in our personal lives. There are culture wide-challenges coming out of these events that New Horizons and its Small “Zones of Peace” Initiative are uniquely equipped to address. 

(We are presently awaiting copyright permission from one of Washington, D.C.’s major newspapers, on a feature article that showcases just how expert we are in this area, before we spill on our full qualifications in this area! When you find out more, you are likely to be impressed! And we won’t mind). 

Here’s our scoop. We are hoping you will contribute your perspectives and ideas for problem solving and referrals to help us develop a strategy to tend to these issues. 

And, of course, given that we are a non-profit organization, 501 C (3), we will always welcome your time, talent and treasures. (We now take gifts in kind, as donations, that can be resold on ebay.)

In the service of healing ACE Adverse Childhood Experiences in adult female, survivors (or more recent sex harassment/abuse traumas, not involving domestic violence or other crisis management such as individual therapy) needs, showing up, more intensely, at this time, our intentions are to provide the following  –

Support, Education, Dialogue, Empowerment, Compassion and Consciousness Raising, Storytelling Exchanging

In the service of bridging the gender gap, our intentions are to provide the following to women and men committed to growing towards one another (not a substitute for individual or couples counseling) —

Support, Education, Dialogue, Consciousness and Compassion Raising, Storytelling Exchanging

Here’s our back story

In 1987 (See Washington Times article, March 4, 1987) New Horizons, the non-profit organization, sponsoring the Small “Zones of Peace” initiative, launched a city-wide support network on relationship and personality addictions, with ongoing groups throughout the D.C. area and in Frederick County. 

This network provided support groups, individual and group therapy and monthly retreat weekends, focusing on treating relationship problems (i.e. co dependency, traditionally female addictions ) and personality addictions, especially addictions to power, money, status, lust, righteousness and control, traditionally male addictions).

(Again We are presently awaiting copyright permission from one of Washington, D.C.’s newspapers, The Washington Times, on a feature article that showcases our expertise in this area, before we spill on just how qualified we are in this area!). 

The program ran for close to twenty years, with ongoing support groups, educational programs and weekend training seminars and retreats. In doing this, we effected change in the lives of the hundreds, if not thousands, of people who participated in our various programs, or those who were impacted, peripherally, by our approach. Our unique methodology saved lives, healed relationships and transformed countless individuals, couples and families.

Toward the end of its run, the program diminished, as Anastasia Rosen-Jones, our Executive Director and Founder, lost her eyesight and needed a long-term sabbatical. (See Anastasia’s bio and additional background information.

Moving Forward

The New Horizons Support Network is pledged to now bring its innovative support network approach out of cold storage, prompted by the Harvey Weinstein/Hollywood sex harassment and abuse scandals and the societal tsunami it has brought about.

Here is how we intend to put this renewal plan into motion –

Information gathering – the design of a feasibility study on how best to proceed in our local community (our identified small “zone of peace”) is now underway. Interviewees needed. 

We will even assist you in telling and recording your stories, if appropriate for you – and archiving them in the StoryCorps Library of Congress/Official New Horizons Small “Zones Of Peace” Storytelling Collection,  on related topics to this present issue we are now addressing, if it will help your healing;

Updated support network approach 
 — now being assessed, intending to meet present needs. Partnering individuals, groups and organizations are needed;

Timeline: We are hoping to have our new, upgraded support network structure ready for public participation sometime in March.

Please contribute to this effort! We need your support and help!

Contact Anastasia for details at: or Cell: 240.409.5347

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