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New Four-Week Online Course: The Future of Digital Health

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For the past 5 years at TechChange we have offered a flagship course on mHealth. We’re excited to expand and revamp our curriculum to explore a broader range of innovations are transforming the public health landscape.

This four-week online certificate course will explore how a range of emerging technologies — blockchain, artificial intelligence, drones, sensors and Internet of things, wearable devices, and more — are contributing to patient care and management, disease tracking, point-of-care support, health education, remote monitoring, diagnostics, supply chain management & logistics.

The course will also take a hard look at complexities surrounding patient privacy and security, limits to access, training and capacity building challenges, interoperability issues, regulation and policy hurdles and more. 

A growing number of digital health projects have been implemented across the world from Guatemala to Uganda, from India to Argentina – we will explore what has worked and what could be improved and invite participants to share their own experiences in managing ongoing projects.

Sign up for the course here!

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