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New Four-Week Online Course: Artificial Intelligence for International Development

This is a sponsored organizational post on PCDN

In the coming years artificial intelligence (AI), the capability of machines to imitate intelligent human behavior, is poised to transform many industries and means of doing business from transportation to healthcare and finance. But what about international development? How will this revolution impact public health, agricultural extension work, humanitarian disaster response, educational delivery, and more? Does AI have potential to improve the way the aid is carried out? Or are we a long way from having meaningful support and engagement from chatbots, robots, smart sensors and the like?

This four-week online certificate course will cover the basics of artificial intelligence from natural language processing and object differentiation, to comparative facial recognition and more. It will draw from a variety of case studies, particularly in financial services, education, and healthcare. It will attempt to cut through hype, evaluate real-world value and build basic skills on the topic. 

The course will also explore challenges to adoption that exist around automation, hype cycles, ethical concerns, security, sustainability, and more. We will also explore machine learning, a narrower subset of AI that focuses on data analysis and building algorithms that reduce the need for human intervention.

Sign up for the course here!

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