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Mr. President, Meeting with the June 7 Plan Protest Leaders is Welcoming, But Will the meeting addresses the current bad Economic Situation in Liberia?

“Our Economy is in free fall, our country is broke” These were your words Mr. President during your first State of Nations Address (SONA). You hired some of the best technocrats Liberia has to help you improve the Economy and provide a better living standard for our people a commitment I believe that you still uphold despite the current situation.

“I am the Coach, and my BENCH if ripe and full” I always listen to most of your analogy Mr. President, using the football game which I admire and see educative. In this regards, let me use a football analogy to express my candid opinion on what I think we should be expecting from you at this critical stage in the game. As a good coach, you firstly decided to start the game with almost 90-99 percent locally based players which we all welcome considering the fact that they were homegrown professionals in top cabinet positions as opposed to the past regime, could have address capital flight which I think was necessary and virtuous especially those that fought and stood with you during the struggle.

I still hold to the believe that there are key positions on the team that we need players who have played or playing in top flight leagues in Europe (Working or have worked in the UN, IMF, World Bank, AFDB, Etc.) with this, we have a balanced team and the champion league experienced players especially in our defense (Economic Management) and our attacking positions (Foreign Policy Implementers) will help the team greatly, Mr. President.

If we should consider your six years as a full-time football game, then let me do the arithmetic, each year can be equivalent to fifteen (15) minutes in the game. We have gone almost 20 minutes in the game which some may say it is still early. But let be mindful Mr. President, we are down three goals to one (financial crisis, poor economy 3- road, road, road 1). We must first equalize before winning this game that makes the game even more difficult, when in fact, our opponent is still attacking aggressively.

Mr. President, please do not also take lightly the recent issues raised by the major stakeholders like FIFA, CAF EUFA or even the LFA (UN, Diplomatic Missions, EU, US, etc.) these are the real people that can make or break things. You need them to win the trophy. Please meet their request.

Mr. President, as a good coach you need to change the tactics and strategy and to do that, you need a complete overhaul and change of the game plan by making some substitutions and adjustment to the current game plan because it is not working.

Mr. President, as I said to check on the bench, tap into your foreign players’ expertise (Diaspora Liberians) we need all hands on deck to address the needs of the Liberian people.

As per meeting with the plan protesters, I have always condemned protest and seeing dialogue as the best way forward. But again do the key players of the scheduled protest have the moral to talk about saving the state? Most of them are economic vampire, warlords and morally inept to discuss issues that have to do with transparency and accountability. Liberians are not stupid to listen to them. They only care for themselves and not the poor Liberians.

Finally, Mr. President, there is no time more crucial than now, time is running out. You need to make the necessary substitution that must affect our defense and attack.

This generation of Liberian should not fail Liberia, we should be cognizant of the fact that our existence is to contribute and not to destroy… Peace, reconciliation, and dialogue to the way forward.

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