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Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute 2012 Annual Peacebuilding Training in the Philippines

Mindanao Peacebuilding Insitute launches its 2012 training program — the MPI 2012 Annual Peacebuilding Training– which will be held on May 14 to June 1, 2012 in Davao City, Philippines.

The Institute brings together a wide range of people with experience, knowledge and skills in peace-related work from across the Asia-Pacific Region and other parts of the world.  It offers intensive courses in areas such as conflict transformation, peace education, religious peacebuilding, transformative justice, active non-violence and trauma healing that are taught by a distinguished roster of facilitators from Asia-Pacific and other countries.

The Training will consist of 13 courses classified into three categories – Foundation, Thematic, and Field-Based. The Foundation Courses will be offered in Week 1 while both Thematic and Field-Based Courses will be offered in Weeks 2 and 3.

The Foundation Courses lay out the fundamental parameters, approaches and processes encompassed in the field of peacebuilding. The Thematic Courses build on the foundational material by delving into particular strategic areas and focused applications. The Field-Based Courses provide learning opportunities by engaging real world communities where peacebuilding practices and initiatives are being implemented, challenged and refined. These courses will draw on the diversity of peacebuilding initiatives present in Mindanao, Philippines and help the participants consolidate their classroom-based learning.

Please note that for MPI 2012 we are offering five new courses – Strengthening Peace Education Training Skills;  Asian Faces of Justice: Restoring Harmony and Accountability in Asian Communities; Community-Based Trauma Healing Program Design and Implementation; Arts Approaches to Community-Based Peacebuilding; and Resource-Based Conflict Transformation Initiatives: A Community Perspective



  • Ability to communicate in English (oral and written).
  • At least two years experience in peacebuilding, or in the related areas of development and human rights.
  • Clearly outlined objectives/strategies for applying the learnings and skills from MPI to one’s work situation or specific context to be outlined in a Statement of Intent. (See application form.)
  • Individuals must be mature and committed to fully participate in the courses.
  • Openness to dialogue with people of other faiths and cultures.
  • Physically fit and willing to immerse in community contexts (for those who will enroll in the field-based courses).


  • Complete the Online Application Form in the MPI website. (
  • You can also download the Application Form and submit it together with the additional requirements (listed below) through email.

  • Submit the required additional documents: Curriculum Vitae, Letter of Recommendation, and a copy of your Passport ID page (if you are an international applicant) to with your COMPLETE NAME (Surname/ Last name first) as the subject.
  • Once all necessary documents are received, MPI will evaluate your application and will notify you by sending an acceptance letter and billing statement.

    NOTE:  Acceptance only means you have a tentative slot in the course(s). RESERVATION and CONFIRMATION of your slot will only follow once your full payment has been received by MPI.





    Course Fee (Per week)



    International organizations based outside the Philippines 

    US$ 600

    US$ 500

    International organizations based in the Philippines

    PhP 18,500

    PhP 15,000

    Philippine organizations/institutions

    PhP 14,000

    PhP 10,500


    The Live-in Course Fee covers: accommodations, meals, tuition, course materials and other course-related expenses.  The Live-out Course Fee is for those who wish to have off-campus accommodations. It covers tuition, course materials and other course-related expenses as well as lunch and dinner.  It does not include breakfast (see food and lodging below for details).  Applicants who wish to utilize the live-out arrangement should indicate it in their application forms to ensure proper billing.



    OPTION ONE: Full payment of the course fee on or before May 2, 2012 through a bank transfer. This will reserve and confirm your slot in the course(s) you have selected.

    OPTION TWO: Non-refundable down payment of US$ 150 or PhP 6,300 by May 2, 2012 through a bank transfer with the remaining balance paid on or before the day of registration (May 13 for Week 1, May 20 for Week 2, and May 27 for Week 3). This will reserve your attendance at MPI but not the course selected until full payment is received. If the course you chose is already filled by the time you make full payment, you may be enrolled in a different course that has available slots.


    Class numbers will be limited to 25 participants per course on a “first come, first serve” basis. So, it is important that you select alternate courses in case your first choice is not available. Due to logistical constraints, each Field-Based Course will be strictly limited to a maximum of 15 participants. Classes will be from Monday to Friday and are typically from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm, with lunch and coffee breaks.


    There are no scholarships available.


  • Only applications with completed requirements will be processed.
  • Applicants who have been accepted will be notified by a letter and billing statement from MPI on or before early April via email or fax.  After payment of the course fees has been received, applicants will be sent a confirmation of their slot.
  • Cancellation of applications should be made 3 weeks prior to the training schedule (before April 23, 2012). MPI reserves the right to collect a corresponding fee if cancellation is not done within the prescribed period. 
  • The deadline for receipt of applications is March 31, 2012. All requirements should be sent to this email address:


    For more information, contact us at:

    Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute Foundation, Inc. Apt. 301, Casa Graciana Inn, 6 Juna Avenue Matina, Davao City 8000 Philippines


    (63-82) 295-3776


    Or visit

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