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Latest attack on Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day

Yesterday, Israel’s Minister of Defense, Avigdor Lieberman, denied entry permits for the 110 Palestinians invited to attend the 2018 Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony on April 17th.

Lieberman stated that he “will not lend a hand to the desecration of our Memorial Day.” The Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony is, in fact, just the opposite. For the past 13 consecutive years, this ceremony has honored and remembered the innocent lives lost on both sides of the conflict, and has shown Israelis, Palestinians, and the entire world both the human toll of the continual violence and that true coexistence and peace are possible.

Combatants for Peace and the Parents Circle – Families Forum will appeal Lieberman’s decision to the Israeli High Court of Justice. We invite you stand with us, and show your support for what this ceremony means for bereaved families and ex-combatants alike– that there is another wayWe are not doomed to continue the cycle of violence and bereavement.


Profile Photo by Craig Zelizer

Hi Shiri and all

So sorry this political roadblock has come up to what is an amazing yearly effort showing the true potential of people working for peace in challenging conditions. Let us know what the PCDN community can do. Is there a petition, a place to write to urge the visa be granted? Also can you post a bit more info on what will be livestreamed and how to participate. We can featured in our newsletters, posts, and more..

Profile Photo by Sean Mullen

A sad indictment of the Israeli governments lack of foresight or empathy for other sides of the argument. this is supposed to be an Israeli- Palestinian memorial day, that means both sides coming together, you cannot get peace or even understanding with only one side  of the argument is given and the other is silenced.

sad sad sad

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