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iPeace Day – A Global Celebration

iPeace first annual peace celebration day.

Thanks in advance for joining iPeace first global celebration for peace:

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iPeace Day 31.12.2008

Sharing Peace – Making A Difference

There are a million things you can do without leaving home.

Be peaceful

Dedicate yourself to sharing your peace – ‘infect’ peace around you.

* Write a poem for peace

* Make a video. Post a video

* Organize a concert for peace

* Play music in the streets for peace

* Plant a tree

* Blog or write an article

* Organize a gathering

* Pray

* Light a candle

* Teach peace

* Organize iPeace Day events in your campus

* Meditate

* Run for Peace. Walk for peace

* Organize a game or a match for peace (any sport)

* Have peace dinner with friends (or with strangers)

Anything that will express peace – for you.

Live without fear

Get kids involved
Get kids involved
Get kids involved

Our friend Donna Qawsmi from Jordan just wrote to me : I’m now preparing for peaceful event in Amman … and it will gather Palestinian – Jordanian – Israelis – Lebanese – Syrian joining .

That’s the spirit. There will be more and more events.

And the media will soon pick up on this.

We need your help in spreading the word.

JOIN iPeace

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