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Introducing: Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny, The Online Course

(Note to radio show listeners: The sound quality on the podcast of this show is uneven, probably do to flood and weather conditions in our area. One minute the sound diminishes. Then it recovers. The substance of this show is worth the effort, nonetheless. However, don’t expect to easily comprehend all that is discussed with just one listen.)

Begins this coming Saturday, bringing you great information resources, sponsored by New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace,” Beyond Gender Tyranny Initiative” —  to guide you on your adventure of moving beyond gender tyranny.

Blog articles to keep you informed on programs, projects and healthy problem solving perspectives and techniques from our Beyond Gender Tyranny Movement, here, on this New Horizons Blog Site.

Two Online Radio Show programs, with two different #MeToo-oriented tones to provide you with comprehensive discussion forums for giving both men and women guidance, information and support to “move beyond gender tyranny.”

  • Anastasia The Storyteller Radio — for #MeToo-focused discussions of #MeToo issues and problem solving perspectives, interwoven with #MeToo-slanted current events;
  • The Possible Society In Motion Radio – Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny: The Online Course for – specific steps to take to move beyond gender tyranny traps, into the transforming of #MeToo problems to the good places between men and women for which most of us yearn.

Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny:  

Introducing The Online Course

Begins Saturday, June 23, 11:30 a.m.

Call in number:  (516) 531-9829

Be sure to push 1 on your phone to get into the qu9eue in our studio

Also see our special blog site curriculum pages to guide your progress through your Online Course work, corresponding to our online radio show formats and lessons. 

You can begin working with these now. Click here for:

Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny; The Online Course
Lesson One Outline

How do we set the stage to move Beyond Gender Tyranny?

Once this new series, our “Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny Online Course,” is launched, the plan now is for Steve Lebherz, my co-host, and I to alternate weeks between the two shows.  

We will also plan to institute a conference call follow-up forum to our online radio shows, in the coming months, for support and additional discussion.  Look for details!

If you care about world peace, remember it begins in your own backyard!

That’s what “Think Global, Act Local” looks like!

Join us! Get involved!  

Few other things are this is important!

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