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How New Horizons Truth Or Dare GAME Helps Us Offset Chaos And Strengthens Our Small “Zone Of Peace”

If you’ve been wondering how New Horizons Truth Or Dare GAME helps us, at New Horizons, to offset chaos and strengthens our model small “zone of peace,” read through this post. Then look for Parts II and III, coming soon, to supplement this post, Part I: “How New Horizons Truth Or Dare GAME Helps Us Offset Chaos And  Strengthens Our Small “Zone Of Peace,”.

I’m about to take you, through a series of several articles, now in progress, to describe our GAME process. They will give you a peek into the secret/sacred portals of our GAME, with a sampling of some of our step-by step interactions in our New Horizons’ Truth Or Dare GAMES, with a modified tour of some of our GAME day events.

Because this is a rather tricky approach to introducing you to the New Horizons Truth Or Dare GAME, my intent is to acquaint you with it in the form of a brief “tour” on the Peace And Collaborative Development Network site with a GAME #5 summary. Then link you back to the New Horizons Small “Zones Of Peace” site for further details.

We, at New Horizons, hope you will enjoy this taste of our GAME and be inspired enough to want to participate in it. 

For details on how to do this, watch for further information here, at Peace and Collaborative Development Network, and on our New Horizons site. Or, contact me, Anastasia Rosen-Jones at: MountainWomanRJ@aol.com or cell: 240.409.5347.

While a full GAME retreat weekend is rather a pricey deal, please note that we will be providing many partial and full scholarships to support your participation. 

Also, note that we, at New Horizons, have devised a method for people to participate in our GAME, in person, or by conference call. Again, look for details or make a personal inquiry.

 Your tour starts here –

 Saturday, January 19, 10 a.m., Truth Or Dare GAME #5, 1:00 p.m.

I wake up this morning as bereft as I’ve ever been. 

My Beloved cat, Cassandra, has been put to sleep and I am in the throes of trauma and grief. 

Still, it is only hours before New Horizons’ fifth monthly Truth Or Dare GAME is scheduled to begin.  

And, no matter what, I am going to not only show-up for the GAME but conduct it from start to finish. 

As it stands, my healing and emotional well-being are tied to being in that process, with my other devoted board members, especially today.

Furthermore, I am the only one that can take on the “Conductor’s role,”formerly titled GAME Master in the old days of Marty Groder being the ultimate conductor.

To add to the misery I am feeling, the weather outside is bitter cold and we are soon to be heading into a predicted ice storm with temperatures in the single digits for days ahead. 

Today I feel almost nothing but cold, in and around me.

Of one thing I am certain, though, having safely delivered her to face her final moments the day prior, New Horizons Truth Or Dare GAME is now but hours away. And, without doubt, I will show up for it and take my place as GAME Conductor, no matter the emotional upheaval I am undergoing and the ordeal having just passed.

Truth and truth-telling matter that much to me! 

And embracing truth, as a shared value with like-minded others who are willing to place anything and everything of themselves on the line to uphold it, spoken with respect and compassion, matters even more!

Even more so, these days, immersed as our nation has become in chaos and lies, especially as I know that New Horizons Truth Or Dare GAME is an effective antidote to this craziness.

If we can inspire others to participate in it, we will be able to establish a movement of protesters who employ penultimate truth telling as a means to help counter what we are now facing in the U.S.A.

Again, I am the one who must lead the way, as I am the creator of this present GAME’s generation. And I have been refining it for close to forty-five years. Thus, I must show up and carve out our path, today and every day, until our mission is accomplished, whenever that will be.

So, dialing into New Horizons’ conference call set up, for this GAME event, I am ready to begin on my end.

It is 1:00 p.m.:

Our designated starting time has come and we are set to go – in this new way we’ve devised, via conference call, allowing us to play our game, in good or bad weather, in health or in sickness and coast-to-coast, as we will be doing on this particular day.

Our first step, after being assured all who will be present are accounted for, is a brief check-in by individual Truth Squad members, some who have been playing New Horizons GAME for close to thirty years already. 

1:15: Following a few preliminary housekeeping announcements for the day, I am setting GAME #5 into motion! .

Notice here, a key element of what makes our GAME so powerful and profound: there is room, although I am the leader, for my vulnerability and the kindness, compassion and generosity of the others. No need for me, or anyone else to put up a false front.

Now I’m asking for a round of personal goal setting for this GAME, from each person present, again my Truth Squad Members are lovingly giving me space to share what I might, when I am ready, allowing me, also, to regain my emotional strength by doing what I believe I do best – 

1:30: Tackling hard stuff in our GAME Community

Notice below, the contrast to vulnerability, compassion etc.

As a lead in to the intense process that lies ahead, for the next few hours, I am intent on my setting the stage to guide the Truth Squad in taking up the necessary processes of a not-yet-resolved community incident, from GAME #4.

Once we are able to totally immerse ourselves in this endeavor, the power and profound structures and skill development that will be employed in this will become a genuine turning point in our newly revitalized GAME Community.

What we will deal with, when the time is right, is that a Truth Squad member abruptly left GAME #4 in a volatile, abusive, Trump-like temper tantrum manner, after it being brought to his attention that he had handled himself most inappropriately for a whole series of rule breaking and earlier abusiveness, prior to this GAME. 

In our efforts to manage this contentious situation, well, when we are ready to tackle it, the words of Gandhi that serve as the mantra of our Small “Zones of Peace” initiative will come alive with meaning,  more so than at any other time —

We do best to begin by carving out territories or zones of peace in our personal relations where violence and deceit won’t be used.”

1:45: The GAME is on!

Thankfully, as our GAME now progresses , no one presses me for more about Cassandra, for which I am grateful. Dealing with our renegade Truth Squad member situation and whatever will come next as GAME #5 progresses is easy next to this!!

Already New Horizons Truth Or Dare GAME is moving into helping our players offset chaos, most notably mine at the onset, and laying out foundations to aid us in strengthening our small “zone of peace.”

Look for more to come in Parts II and III.

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