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GYAC-Liberia Wants Concrete Action in 16 Billion Disappearance… Calls on Pre. Weah

The Liberia Chapter of the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network an international anti-corruption and integrity institution has made the latest call on the Weah-led Administration to bring to book any and all individuals involves with the wicked act of mass corruption in Liberia.

According to GYAC-Liberia National Coordinator James Koryor, the recent confirmation by the Liberian Government that over 16 billion Liberia Dollars has disappeared in thin air is worrisome and scaring. 

“We can confirm that the money was brought through the Freeport of Liberia and the Roberts International Airport and for now it is US$16 billion Liberian dollars that we have confirmed. An estimated of a little over 15 billion Liberian dollars as far as we have concerned from the ongoing investigation as of today and it came in the two ports of entry.” Said the Information Minister.

We can’t continue to live in a country where corruption is the hallmark and impunity is practice. “We will appreciate a prompt and timely investigation and findings released and action taken immediately Mr. Koryor stresses.

Mr. Koryor also stated that it is about time that citizens demand accountability from government stressing that even clear laws and regulations and well-designed institutions will not prevent corruption unless the people actively demand accountability from their leaders.

The minister said in November of 2017, the investigation has determined and confirmed that a batch of banknotes came in the country – just before the president assumed office. “Now, when the president received information about these newly-minted banknotes, he sanctioned an investigation which is being chaired by the Ministry of Justice and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and other security apparatus. The idea is to understand how much money came into the country, how much was ordered, how much was printed, which country it was printed in and how did it affect the foreign exchange situation in the country.”

The GYAC-Liberia boss further maintained that corruption continues to be insidious in Liberia it deepens poverty by distorting political, economic and social life making democratic institution weak, as public trust and support for politicians is lost.

GYAC-Liberia  is at the same time calling on the Ministry of Justice for  speedy investigation and conclusion of the matter, stating that corruption increases if corrupt act are not punish.

The anti-corruption activist further stressed that if Liberia is to regain its prewar status and achieve in the implementation of the Pro-poor Agenda, then the issue of corruption should not be tolerated or accepted as a way of life in the Liberian society because corruption harm trade, deter investment, threatens the environment, leads to human rights abuse and make it impossible for thousands of people especially in rural parts of the country to earn a honest living.

GYAC-Liberia, HEREBY MAINTAIN THAT CORRUPTION REMAIN PUBLIC ENEMY # 1 and will continue to expose and advocate for greater transparency and accountability in Liberia.

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