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“GYAC-Liberia to petition Legislature on Corruption Court Establishment”

The Liberian Chapter of the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network an international anti-Corruption institution established by the World Bank Institute in 2009 is calling for the immediate passage of a Bill seeking to establish a specialize court to hear all cases of corruption in Liberia.


According to GYAC-Liberia National Coordinator, James Koryor there is no justifiable reason for the delay in the passage of the Act to establish the corruption court drafted and submitted by Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor since February 2016 that is abandon and languishing in committee room stressing that such a very important document should not be delay for any reason because it support the national fight against corruption.


Mr. Koryor also stated that his organization is expected to present a petition soon to the National Legislature in keeping with Article 17 of the Liberian Constitution for the speedy passage of Corruption Court Act.


The youth advocate furthered that the establishment of the court is the first step in ending impunity in Liberia and will help in reducing the high level of corruption in the Liberian society.


The GYAC-Liberia executive stressed that the president of Liberia in 2006 during her inaugural address stressed that under her administration corruption would be considered as public enemy # 1.  A year later Liberia ratified the UNCAC and later established the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) and other integrity and anti-corruption institutions including making the General Auditing Commission an independent and supreme audit institution in the country a situation that has made the issue of corruption in Liberia discussable.


But with the establishment of these institutions the issue of corruption has become a daily topic amongst the ordinary Liberia and many persons especially officials of Government have being indicted and forwarded to court for prosecution a situation that is commendable Koryor stressed.


Koryor also stated that the establishment of the corruption court will help in minimizing the rampant corruption in Liberia. The court if enacted will fast track corruption cases in the country. Also the amendment in the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission Act that will give the LACC exclusive prosecution powers to prosecute individuals without the involvement of the Ministry of Justice will also help reduce corruption in Liberia he noted.

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