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Global Peace Ambassador Condemns Disruption of Peaceful Dialogue… Calls for Mutual Respect and the Rule of Law in Liberia

Global Peace Ambassador, Joseph F. Wiah Jr has condemned the disruption of peace and reconciliatory dialogue geared towards mitigating conflict in District # 13, Montserrado County.

It was reported that some residents of District 13 allegedly engaged themselves into lawless acts that led to the disruption of the peace deal.

The peace meeting was intended for residents to smoke peace pipe relative to tensions that surrounded the by-election and the visit of Monrovia City Mayor.

Speaking in a news conference, on Tuesday, January 15, 2018, Ambassador Wiah mentioned that it was a sad day for the country’s emerging democracy for Liberians to take the lonely path of violence.

 He mentioned that violence and lawless acts on the part of any Liberian should be condemned in the strongest terms because violence has the proclivity of sliding the nation back to its dark and troubling past.

Ambassador Wiah urged residents of District 13 and Liberians to exhibit a high sense of mutual respect for one another and the rule of law.

“Any group of individuals that amalgamate themselves to disrupt any planned peace and reconciliation dialogue should be condemned in the strongest term possible by all well-meaning Liberians and stringent measures should be taken to prevent reoccurrence of such act of violence and hooliganism under our laws’’ Wiah averred

He envisaged that Liberia should be a place where the rule of Law and mutual respect for others are highly tolerated.

The Ambassador stressed that these vices if not addressed properly may paint a negative picture of the country thereby derailing the country’s long-cherished peace.

“History tells us that about a decade ago, Liberia ended one of the worst civil conflicts the world has ever witnessed. During the civil conflict, it was estimated that more than Two-Hundred and Fifty Thousand (250,000) people lost their lives and more than Eight Hundred Thousand were displaced internally and several went in refugee camps in neighboring countries”. The Youth Leader noted.

“Now, as we try to rebuild this nation on the tenants of democracy and the rule of law; we all should embrace all efforts to engage in peaceful dialogue as a means of fostering peaceful coexistence and reconciliation. Let us retrospect on the Comprehensive Peace Accord (2003) held in Ghana that brought together various warring factions, opposition parties, and civil society groups that settled their political differences and dialogued on a peaceful solution to our conflict thus leading to ceasefire, disarmament and the holding of Elections “

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