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From Financial Resilience to Leadership -Post-Grad in Social Innovation Management

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There are three reasons why I think Amani Institute’s program in Social Innovation Management can make a difference in your career if you actually want to innovate how we create social change globally:

1. Learn from the Global South

Emerging markets today represent the frontier of social change; they are hubs for social innovation because they make it easier for innovators to see the tangible difference their work makes.

We are intentionally locating ourselves where the world is changing most rapidly. And with several recent innovations (mobile money, crisis mapping, conditional cash transfers, frugal innovation models) all originating in emerging markets, this is where you can see the future.

2. Combine Passion with Crucial Professional Skills

 They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The social change sector has been riddled with well-intentioned people lacking the right professional skills to create the impact they want to see. In the same time more and more people are looking to combine passion with purpose and do work that matters. We need the best minds to solve some of our toughest challenges!

At Amani Institute you learn from C-suite global leaders of change who walk their talk and make actual change happen. From Financial Resilience to Creating and Managing a Social Venture to Leadership – our Fellows train with the best while applying what they learn directly in action. The focus of our work is building core professional skills desired by employers and necessary for success in the global economy.

3. It’s Who You Know

No matter whether you want to build your own social enterprise or work as an ‘intrapreneur’ within an organization or company – your network is a crucial asset to accelerate your career and your impact. At Amani Institute you don’t only significantly increase your global networks but you also join a tight-knit community of Changemakers who hold each other accountable to high standards of professional and personal integrity, impact and success.

What You Need to Know

Amani Institute’s award-winning Post-Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management allows you to unlock your potential to make an impact in the world by building the skills, experience and networks needed for professional success.

Where? 5 months online, 4 months in a global hub for social innovation (Nairobi or Sao Paulo)

When? July 10th, 2017 – March 31st, 2018

Apply by: June 11th, 2017 

If you have questions you can send me an Email at


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