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Earn Your Diploma in Technology for Monitoring & Evaluation with TechChange

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It’s that time of year when kids of all ages head back to school and maybe you should too!

Whether you’re looking for ideas/support around a new project, trying to break into the international development/social change job market with some new skills, or worried that grad school is just too darn expensive, The TechChange diploma program may be the right fit for you.    

The Tech for Monitoring and Evaluation Online Diploma Program is a 16-week online program that starts August 28th. This course is comprised of three four-week courses offered at a discount for those taking the full diploma.

  1. TC111: Technology for Monitoring & Evaluation: Aug 28 – Sep 22, 2017
  2. TC211: Technology for Data Collection: Oct 9 – Nov 3, 2017
  3. TC311: Technology for Data Visualization: Nov 20 – Dec 17, 2017

Over 500 Students from 85 countries have taken the program with us, including groups from leading international development organizations like UNICEF, USAID, World Bank, PATH, DAI, Jhpiego, International Youth Foundation, Equal Access, and more. After taking this course, our alums have:

New This Year

Register now for the Diploma Track and receive a free ticket to the 2017 MERL Tech Conference in DC (September 7 & 8), weekly office hours with leading experts, and these upgrades:

  • DataDay TV Show: Our new Internet TV show about liberating and telling visual stories about our personal data has launched. The project is a first-of-its-kind youtube video series about how to better understand and derive value from the data that we generate about ourselves in the digital age. In each episode, we hunt down, explore, and visualize one of the hundreds of datasets that we produce every day—from places like Amazon, Uber, Google, LinkedIn—information that we create and have access to often without even knowing it. Practice using all kinds of new tools for data visualization with data that you create yourself.
  • TechChange Open Houses: Once a month we will host a Friday lunchtime gathering at our office to explore hands on application of new tools: drones, Blockchain/Bitcoin, VR Headsets, etc. Come meet members of the team and learn about the latest trends in M&E and data science for development. If you don’t live in DC, but might pass through at some point, we’ll plan an event around your visit.  

Sample Session Topics:

  • Tools, tips and templates for making responsible data a reality    
  • How to Make Big Data Useful for a Development Program/Project?
  • How Feasible is SMS for Large Scale Surveys?
  • How Sexist is Our Data?
  • How Can We Better Train Local Data Enumerators?
  • How Do We Better Incentivize Actual Use of M&E Results Data?
  • Help! My Tech Systems Don’t Speak to Each Other…

Sample Workshops:

  • Sensors for Data Collection
  • Drones for Data Collection
  • Implementing Machine Learning and AI
  • Introduction to ChatBots
  • Visual Storytelling with Data
  • Design Thinking Meets Data
  • Google Sheets for Real-Time M&E
  • Data Cleaning, Static Visualizations and Interactive Visualizations in Excel
  • Building an M&E Dashboard in Salesforce
  • APIs and the Future of M&E

Sample Tool Demos:

  • Excel
  • SurveyCTO
  • TextIt
  • Echo Mobile
  • KoboToolBox
  • Kumu
  • Bamba
  • EngageSpark
  • SalesForce
  • Magpi
  • VOTOMobile
  • PiktoChart
  • Canva
  • Carto
  • QGIS
  • Tableau
  • Google Data Studio
  • PowerBI
  • And many more….

Register Now for the Tech for M&E Online Diploma Program. Note: You can take the courses individually, out-of-order, and during different semesters.

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