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Do We Live Life Without Choice?

There are three types of people when it comes to choices, type one is people who see life as a choice, a choice of possibilities, and they believe all choices are theirs, and they can most of the time making the choice of life that they want to live. Type two is people who see life that doesn’t give any choices. They don’t have any choice, they are convinced that they aren’t responsible for their circumstances, they don’t control the present, and thus they have no control on their life. Yet the third type of people is who believe they do have some choices and they don’t have some others. So they don’t control circumstances, they don’t control their lives, but sometimes they make choices to eat or not eat, to go or not to go, to do or not to do, things like that, so they struggle to adapt!

Indeed, the three types of people are correct, they are all right. It’s whatever you believe the whole system of life works around what you believe, so people who believe life is a choice, they would live a life of choice, they make their choices and they make the life exactly as they want whether is good or bad and regardless of what their choices are, it becomes whatever they choose. But those who don’t believe that they have choices, they become slaves of other people, they become plans of other people’s plan, and they become actors in whatever other people decide. And then those who believe in so and so absolutely live a so and so life. Therefore sometimes they think things improve their life and sometimes they think things don’t improve their life because they believe what they do have control here but they don’t have it there.
Life gives you whatever you decide. Let me tell you what is the best system of belief to adopt.

The best system of belief to adopt is that you have the choice to make the life that you want. You always have the choice, and the choice is always now even if you have been through hard moments even if your whole life is going really bad – and I don’t think any body’s life is going bad; the whole of it is bad– but let’s assume that someone has a life where every thing is missed up, he still can make the choice now, now is always available and the choice is always available, now is always your choice to choose in now, at the present moment, and now is always here. Nevertheless when a person makes choice now doesn’t mean that his whole life is going to change now! But what it means is that change has started as soon as you made the decision to make it practically starts, with actions.

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