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DEFINATION OF PEACE Peace is the absence of hostility, it’s the obtainment in an environment where relationships are harmoniously stable and balance without violent or conflict. In this context, it is the coexistence of people from different background/religion or ethnicity in an enclosed or open settlement in matters of social or economic welfare, the acknowledgment of equality, and fairness in political relationships. Peace means tolerance and coexistence, a stage of mutual harmony.

FOSTERING OF PEACE We must note that fostering of peace especially in a multi dynamics-mix cultured/religious environment entails so many things which include:

  •  Cultural Dignity/study and understanding
  •  Women’s/Children’s Right where obtainable,
  •  Education
  • Social and economical justice and balance
  • Dialogue and negotiations,
  • human rights promotion and Institutional building
  • Religion,
  • Language.
  • Sports

Understanding and enshrining all the above in the pursuit to foster peace in any enviroment would yield remarkable results.I urge all leaders , who leads a set of more than 5 (Five) people to always make sure that all the above characteristics are obtainable in their enviorment.


Idris Muhammed Abdullahi (2011)

( Short Article)

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