COYPED Welcomes the Holding of FLY Elections

The Consolidated Youth for Peace & Development (COYPED) an accredited member organization of the Federation of Liberia Youth, welcomes the timely holding of the Federation of Liberia Youth Elections. The elections are being scheduled to be held in February of 2018.

According to a statement issued in Monrovia recently, COYPED is calling for a free, fair and transparent election to be conducted by FLY. COYPED wants the Young people’s Democratic Rights to be protected and respected. COYPED believes that the holding of peaceful elections will promote the young people democratic franchise.

COYPED is at the same time calling on the Tamba’s leadership to do everything possible to address key constitutional provisions that had served as a point for conflicts in the past. COYPED indicates that the development and growth of young people in Liberia should be of prime interest of national actors. The statement stresses that the regular hold of elections by FLY portrays a positive image of FLY in Liberia.

COYPED is also encouraging the leadership of FLY to partner with relevant youth development organizations including the Ministry of Youth & Sports, Carter Center, NAYMOTE among others to give the elections that credibility as well as independent observers.

COYPED believes that elections relating to the Federation of Liberian Youth should be given a national attention since indeed said the organization was established by an Act of Legislature to manage the affairs of youths and students in the Country and as such, mass publicity is needed surrounding the process.

Signed: Christopher K. Seeton, Sr.

             Senior Communication Officer, COYPED

Approved: Joseph F. Wiah, Jr.

                       Acting Executive Director, COYPED

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