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Circle Process Training at the 2019 Summer Peacebuilding Institute

This is a sponsored organizational post on PCDN.

Circle Process

May 13 – 21, 2019, Harrisonburg, Virginia

taught by Kay Pranis

Respectful dialogue across significant differences in life experience and perspective is one of the most pressing needs of our time. The Circle process is used for holding difficult conversations and for strengthening relationships within a group. It combines ancient wisdom about living in community with modern understandings about complex multicultural societies. 

In this time of highly polarized public conversations, people are coming together in Circles to talk about the most difficult issues – police/community relations, childhood sexual abuse, racial inequities, crime and violence, historical trauma, European unity – in a way that maintains respect and nurtures understanding of one another.

This course will provide experience in the Peacemaking Circle process as well as an understanding of the foundational values and key structural elements of the process. Participants will learn to design and conduct Peacemaking Circles.

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