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Can You Change the World? Last Call for Applications


However, as I also said in the talk, you’re definitely not alone. More and more people want this – to live a life where they can make a difference, and they’re willing to invest in themselves, in their own capacity to do so.

This is not only a rich-world thing. Our Fellows so far have come from 34 countries on 5 continents, and the majority are from Latin America and Africa. The hunger for careers of meaning and impact is real, and it is global.

Seth Godin has written about the chance to be put on the hook, rather than be let off it. I couldn’t think of a better way to distinguish between those who are willing to be changemakers and those who aren’t. People who want to lead, who want to change the status quo, well, they want to be on the hook for it.

By contrast, many of the people I talk to, those who are unhappy with their jobs, are actually looking to be let off the hook. They want someone else to do the work of giving them their dream job. They’re not willing to take the risks needed to either find or create their own dream job.

Changemakers, on the other hand, are willing to jump because they know that the status quo exists for a reason, and that to move to a better situation means a leap of courage. 

Yes, a leap. This leap year – and read here for why leap years are so special – why not take the jump?

There are a couple of weeks left before the start of our post-graduate Social Innovation Management program, and applications are closing soon. The program structure is unique – you spend 4 months immersed in a global hub of social innovation (you can choose between Nairobi, Kenya, or Sao Paulo, Brazil). You will be able to practice making innovation in the real world. You also get to learn cutting-edge skills from true masters of their craft – courses for the next cohort include Create and Manage a Social Venture, Branding for Social Impact, Bio-Empathy or Learning from Nature, Open Leadership, Social Finance, and many more.

The remaining 6 months of the program happen online – you can do it from anywhere in the world.

If you know someone who is ready to lead and is looking for a global network and gaining new expertise, please share this with them. We promise to help them build the career they dream of. Most of all, we promise not to let them off the hook.



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