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How can we improve PCDN?

What is one idea or suggestion for how we can make PCDN better? Critiques, suggestions and out of the box thinking 100% welcome. Please help us improve the global hub 4 social change and better serve our community. Please add your comments below or send your ideas to info(at)


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This platform is more like an independent global platform for peace builders and their organizations.

PCDN should make more appropriate use of the wide network of resourceful individuals and organizations by creating opportunity for more activities members can participate in, such as:

1. Create a list of major projects carried out by members of this platform in their various countries

2. Identifying major peace building activities being done members and their organizations and write a feature about it for greater feasibility.

3. Encourage other members to pick interest in projects by other members and make recommendation

4. Create an annual award program to celebrate members and organizations

5. Recognize most active members of this platform

6. Encourage members in the same country or city to meet and network

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Thanks for the great suggestions, very helpful. We are a tiny team so there is a limit to what we can do at the same time. But these are wonderful. We have thought about awards and may do this at some point in the future. Meetups would be great and welcome suggestions for how people think this could potentially be done.  We also are working on some revisions to the platform and very much welcome critiques/suggestions of what we can improve from both a user perspective (make things easier, simpler, clearer to use) and functions to add or take away).  We will add your suggestions to the list of potential ideas. We would also appreciate if you can let others know about PCDN.
We also very much welcome blogs and writings by members (many do contribute) as long as they are not fundraising requests as we don’t permit this on the platform.

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