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Call for Applications, Action Learning Fellowship, Berrett-Koehler Foundation, US

Action-Learning Fellowship

The Action Learning Fellowship is the flagship program of the Berrett-Koehler Foundation, that brings together thoughtful community builders with ideas and resources from the Berrett-Koehler community, to create a space for deep personal growth and collective learning.

Who should consider joining us? 

Ideal fellows are innovative, open-minded problem-solvers, who are committed to grappling with the world’s most critical challenges and value working in collaborative environments. We are looking for people with a deep commitment to crafting community-focused solutions.

You are actively seeking the space to play with your deep inquiry around community as a vehicle for social transformation. You have built a community and want to experiment how to amplify and generate the transformation you know in your bones is possible. You are seeking to jam with others who, like you, have many questions and are okay with not having answers, but are committed to finding them through experimentation.

You want all of this and equally want to nourish and honor yourself and lean into self-transformation and social transformation, as you see them as two sides of redesigning our systems. We are a village of people seeking to cultivate a world that is more whole.

We invite you to respond to this call.

What does the Action-Learning Fellowship offer?

Support for community-building projects, as well as for you as an individual. The Fellowship provides you with opportunities to exchange ideas with 8 changemakers from across the U.S. (over 18 years old; typically 20’s-40’s), connections to BK ideas and authors, and peer mentorship, financial support up to $1,500, and training on Art of Convening to support convening the cohort and communities beyond the Fellowship.

Learn more about the support the Fellowship offers.

Space to ask questions, grapple with them and find solutions through experimentation. You will be participating in an 8-month program that includes a two-day in-person kickoff retreat, biweekly calls by Zoom, two opportunities to present to the Berrett-Koehler community (at the Fellowship’s midpoint and end), and writing opportunities to reflect on BK ideas in action.


This is an 8-month program. Because community-building and co-creation are important for the cohort, we expect all Fellows to attend all convenings and virtual and in-person events, and to support with co-facilitation throughout the Fellowship. Between November 2019 and June 2020, Fellows should plan for a total of 10-15 hours every month for convenings, personal learning and preparation, and reflection time.

To support cycles of collective learning and growing, the Berrett-Koehler Foundation will convene an optional virtual (online) event in May/June 2020 to complement the expected written reflections and report-backs from the Fellows about their journey and experience.

September 19, 2019: Deadline to respond to invitation

September 13 – October 4, 2019: Conversations between respondees and Berrett-Koehler Foundation team

October 11, 2019: Berrett-Koehler Foundation team sends final invitations to join the 2019 Action Learning Fellowship cohort

October 25 – 27, 2019: Kickoff Retreat in California

November 2019 – June 2020: Twice-a-month virtual Fellowship cohort convenings

February 29, 2020: Mid-point Shareout event

May/June 2020 (exact date to be scheduled): Final Shareout and Celebration virtual event

Respond to this call

The deadline to respond to this invitation is Sept 19, 2019 at 11:59pm PST.


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