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Are You Thinking About The Place Of Truth In Your Life, These Days?

I sure am. Now it might be that I care a lot more than most folks about the issue. Am I perhaps fanatical about it? I hope not. I’d like to believe that truth telling and truth knowing make as much difference to others as they do to me. If you have been reading my stories on Anastasia The Storyteller, under the label “Telling The Truth,” you can see how very much these twins; truth telling and truth knowing, mean to me.  I have, in the words of Abraham Joshua Heschel, A Passion For Truth.

Maybe the issue is the same for you, maybe not!

But strange as it might seem, I don’t think I really understood even half of why the issue is so critically important to me until I began preparation for my Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show program, The Truth Will Set Us Free, with my honorary daughter Terry. Nor do I think I understood as well as I do now how I got to developing this passion of mine.

I learned so much about me from doing that show with Terry. I hope you will want to listen to it. I understood so much more now, even about me, that I had to come back, again, the very next day after, to do a follow up broadcast on the subject. In the meantime I wrote two blog articles on the subject, the next day, also.

Below are links you can follow that can help get you into thinking mode about the conversation Terry and I began on this critically important subject for today’s world, if you are inspired to do so. I hope you are. From here forth I intend to be offering more and more on this subject from my many years of professional and personal experience.

We need to explore these issues deeply; truth telling and truth knowing, especially if Donald Trump is able to keep himself in office with all the truth bending he is doing. In that case we will have, at least, four more years of truth telling, or not, being a hot issue. Truth telling and knowing are signs of the times we must rise to meet. And learn better and better ways to manage,

Two radio shows

One new blog article on truth telling

And a collection of Anastasia The Storyteller blog articles on truth telling.

Join in the conversation line I have initiated on truth telling. This is one way you can help you can help move our country forward.

From my perspective “The Truth Will Set Us Free” means that truth telling is one of the major steps you take for climbing the Mountain of Awe to reach its peak! That is if “awe” is what you want in your life.

I know it is always my intended destination. Even when I fall short of reaching it, awe is always where I am heading.


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