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Advance Your Social Impact Career with Moving Worlds

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MovingWorlds, a globally reaching social enterprise, offers a compelling thesis to change seekers: the best way to earn a career path that makes a positive impact is to prove to prospective players that you are fully capable of doing just that. And for this, it offers a few approachable programs to working professionals:

  1. An Experteering platform where you can find a skills-based volunteering project, anywhere you want to travel, for any length of time
  2. An application-based Impact Team every quarter (soon to be more frequent) that connects you to fellow changemakers and then matches you to customized projects
  3. A competitive Global Fellowship program at the MovingWorlds Institute.

A common theme in all programs: After learning new skills, connecting into a global network, and going through training, you will be fully prepared to go Experteering in the field and really make an impact. And once you come back, MovingWorlds content, training, and network of speakers (for those in the advanced programs) then help you turn that experience into something that you can put on your resume and use to earn your next job. Here’s a story from 2017 Institute alumni Heather Watkins:

MovingWorlds continues to generate press from the business sector, like at Forbes, Fast Company, HBR, and SSIR, for the leadership development benefits that its Experteers gain. But the MovingWorlds team is just as quick to point out the impact it makes in the field is even more important. Co-founder and Chief Impact Office Derk Norde shared with us that

in many countries, a lack of access to talent is a bigger barrier than a lack of access to capital. Social entrepreneurs need accounting systems, working products, and proof of impact before applying to capital. And that’s where Experteers come in. In exchange for an immersive experience in the field (and usually a free place to live) you can use your skills to make a demonstrable impact with an innovative enterprise”.

Indeed, skills-based volunteers do have a role in helping us reaching the Sustainable Development Goals. On such enterprise, Ubongo Kids, shared its story of receiving the support of an Experteer in this video.

For job seekers looking for an impact career, showing future employers that you are capable of making an impact is more important than any degree (at last in many cases). As author of the Purpose Economy and Co-founder and CEO of Imperative advises

Any employer, especially those with programs that contribute to environmental and social good, aren’t just looking for a candidate with the right skills. They want to know you’ve spent time in the field working on social change issues – and proof that you’ve made an impact there.

MovingWorlds, and its diverse range of programs, make it possible for any professional to go get that Experteering experience in the field. And its unique skills-based matching platform helps professionals find projects anywhere, anytime, for any length of time, helping aspiring changemakers across all industries find the projects they need to grow. More than a matching site, the MovingWorlds Experteering platform and global support team actually guides you and your hosting organization in the field through a planning and preparatory process so you can hit the ground running and make an impact in as little as 1 week.

The MovingWorlds programs might be competitive, but its project scoping, matching, and planning process, technology, and full suite of leadership development trainings and guides are world-class, and have already been picked up by corporations – including Microsoft,, and Kering. MovingWorlds has clearly demonstrated that the best way to grow as an impact leader is to actually make an impact, and its insights in developing globally-minded leaders has been featured in HBR, SSIR, and Fast Company to name a few.

If you’re absolutely committed to finding your social impact career calling, give MovingWorlds a look, starting with its Global Fellowship program at the MovingWorlds Institute, for which applications close at the end of the month!



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