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ACAT: Post-Emergency Housing Modules

ACAT is one of the designs that received honorable mentions in Laka Competition 2017 “Architecture that Reacts”. 200 Participants from more than 40 countries submitted over 90 designs to the competition! We are honored that PCDNetwork is supporting the competition as the Partners! Learn more about the results:

ACAT: Post-Emergency Housing Modules; Authors (Guatemala): Guillermo Paiz, Javier Penados, Edgar Reyes (Architects)

Authors’ description:
“ACAT is a shelter designed to be used after a natural disaster. It’s easy to build and has basic accommodations to hold a family. Its design is simple and effective. (…) It was designed to continue its sheltering purpose long after the emergency situation ends, for the materials used to ensure its duration and easy maintenance; special floating and anchoring mechanisms make the house resilient of floods, and clean energy systems help the house to work off-grid. (…) Its goal is to be replicable where needed.” 

Learn more about the project:


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