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2 Minutes! Help humanity with just 2 minutes!

Hello dear PCDN Members!

Consider this: Please take 2 minutes extraordinary!

Take two minutes with The Going For A Global Truce Peace Movement and help humanity!

Just stop what you are doing for now, stop browsing, stop reading, stop everything you are doing and THINK ABOUT A PEACEFUL WORLD.

Think about Creating a Global Peace and then GIVE two ideas in a comment to this as how you think this can be achieved. We hope 100% that A Global Peace can be achieved, just give One, 2, or more ideas on how you think the Earth can finally reach a global peace.

Just write the 1st Ideas that will come to your mind and share them to this blog and share the blog on your pages AND networks (Facebook, PCDN,…)

Let humanity learn from you from today.

Join Going For A Global Peace Movement


Profile Photo by Stany Nzobonimpa

I have 2 ideas that can help:

1. Living peacefully with our communities

2. Composing  peaceful texts and petitions recommending a global cease fire

Profile Photo by Michelle Lee Rosenthal, LMSW

Stany, Thanks for your post and blog.  You are absolutely right!

The main thing we must do is to help humanity overcome its addiction to war, violence, greed, money, power, resources, energy and oil.  This sounds hard but there is help for recovery from all addictions.  We have to focus on getting the help that we need to save our lives.

 We also have to have a proposal entered into the united nations for all nations to vote on establishing a global truce and a permanent cease fire.  Which nation will sponsor this resolution?

 I hope it will be entered by the USA and cosponsored by all the nations and unanimously passed!  Please Spread the word around far and wide!

Happy New Year To ALL


Profile Photo by Stany Nzobonimpa

Thank you Michelle, please help me share this message so many people can give us solutions as they understand it can be achieved

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